The Ken and Barbie Killers



Paul and Karla, happier days

Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo met in 1987, when he was 23 and she was 17. They married in 1991, six months after they raped and killed Karla’s sister, Tammy, and two weeks after abducting, raping and killing 14- year-old Leslie Mahaffy. The following year in April of 1992, 15-year-old Kristen French was the next young lady unlucky enough to cross paths with the Bernardos, and her fate would be the same as that of Tammy Homolka, and Ms. Mahaffy.


Three months after Paul and Karla met, a series of brutal rapes began in Scarborough, Toronto, a large suburban area where Paul Bernardo lived. The last assault attributed to the Scarborough Rapist occurred in 1990.

Mention “The Ken and Barbie Killers” to a true crime buff, and you’ll probably hear about two things which make this case significant: one is that Paul and Karla videotaped themselves sexually assaulting Ms. Mahaffy and Ms. French, and Karla’s sister, Tammy. The other is the part those tapes would play—and wouldn’t play—in their prosecution.

Paul Bernardo admitted he was responsible for every sexual assault attributed to him, but he steadfastly maintained Homolka had been the killer; Homolka, of course, pointed the finger at Bernardo, and it isn’t likely we will ever know the truth of the matter. However, to this day Paul Bernardo insists he never killed anyone. And while they are hardly better off, it is worth noting that the 19 victims of the Scarborough Rapist are still alive: not one girl died until Karla Homolka, literally, was in the picture.

Bernardo was never the most stable character in the best of times, and after the death of Kristen French he began to psychologically “disassemble”. In late December, 1992, he beat his wife so badly the ER doctor reported in his 15 years it was the worst case of domestic abuse he’d seen.

1993; Paul Bernardo, being booked by Toronto Metro police

On February 1, 1993, The Toronto Metro police received notification of positive DNA matches to Bernardo for three of the rapes in Scarborough, and Karla was only too happy to lend them her views of her now estranged husband. Everything unraveled after that, and soon both Paul and Karla would find themselves facing the legal consequences of their actions.

inspector Vince Bevan; the search for the nonexistent Camaro

After a two year investigation beginning with the death of Leslie Mahaffy, and the addition of a large and costly task force, Inspector Vince Bevan, the man whose job it was to apprehend the perpetrators of the French/Mahaffy murders, had clues he could not decipher and little else. An officer of Bevan’s rank should know that eyewitness accounts are notoriously unreliable; nevertheless, based on the statements of a few eyewitnesses who reported seeing two men in a cream-colored Camaro near the site of Kristen French’s abduction, the Inspector threw all his efforts, and the bulk of the task force resources, into a futile search for a just such a car.

Ideally, neighboring law enforcement jurisdictions work together in a spirit of cooperation to move toward a common goal. In reality, to say the atmosphere was tense between Inspector Bevan’s task force and the Toronto Metro police would be an understatement.  When the Toronto detectives interviewed Karla Homolka regarding her husband’s proclivities, Inspector Bevan was not invited to take part in the discussion.

He was, however, allowed to give the Toronto detectives a list of items they could ask Karla if she had seen.  And one of the items on that list was the Mickey Mouse watch Kristen French wore the day she disappeared, missing when her body was discovered.

As it turns out, this interview would prove more informative to Karla than to anyone; it told her the police had made a connection between the Scarborough Rapist and the murdered girls, which, in fact, officially, they had not. The following day, Karla saw her lawyer, and after confessing the bizarre circumstances of her marriage, she asked him to seek full immunity from prosecution on her behalf. As she states in her diary, Karla’s plan for the future was “to get (her) stuff back” from the home she shared with Bernardo, and “go out and have some fun.”  That is, until the interview with the Toronto detectives when Bevan’s question tipped her hand, which for all intents and purposes enabled Karla to begin mounting a defense before she even became a suspect.

On February 11, 1993, the RCMP met with the FBI to hear the profiler’s theories about men like domestic terrorist Paul Bernardo—and supposed reasons why women like Homolka find them suitable romantic partners. The FBI obliged their Canadian equivalent with a then unpublished paper entitled, “Compliant Victims of the Sexual Sadist”. This paper surveyed seven women who were incarcerated for crimes they committed with their spouses or lovers; generally, it explained their criminal behavior as aberrant, a consequence of their partner’s brutal treatment, or put more simply—they were beaten into being bad. It was in this meeting that the decision was made, the compliant victim/sexual sadist model best fit the dynamics of the relationship between Bernardo and Homolka.

Keep in mind that Ron Mackay, the RCMP officer who introduced the unpublished “Compliant Victims” paper at this meeting was a protégé of Roy Hazelwood, the FBI agent who co-authored it. Agent Hazelwood must have been proud that day, and I say “must have” because neither I nor Roy Hazelwood were there. In fact, Roy Hazelwood would not meet or speak with Karla Homolka about sexual sadists or anything else, until 1996, a year after Paul Bernardo’s trial had ended—and long after Mr. Hazelwood’s theory transformed Karla from a full-status 1st degree murder accomplice into something closer to the girls whose deaths she was responsible for.

When they made the decision that the sexual sadist/compliant victim dynamic satisfactorily explained the situation, none of these men—not the RCMP’s Ron Mackay nor the intrepid Inspector Bevan—had ever laid eyes on either Paul Bernardo or Karla Homolka. “Compliant Victims of the Sexual Sadist” was simply a stroke of luck for the Inspector, as it became the basis for a renewed search warrant and allowed him to take back control of his own investigation.

After almost two years and the addition of his much heralded task force, Bevan did not have a single shred of evidence against Paul Bernardo, in spite of having run his name through suspect data banks 17 times—he actually cleared Bernardo a year before as a suspect in the murders. As late as February 6, 1993, the Inspector was quoted by the press stating his belief there was no link between the murders of Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy; two days later the Toronto Metro detectives didn’t fare appreciably better when they conducted their interview with Karla. Even though the detectives note she turned white as a sheet and stammered after the question about the Mickey Mouse watch, they underestimated Karla when they chalked that up to the stress of being interviewed by the police for the first time.


Paul being questioned by Toronto Metro police, February 17, 1993

Instead of functioning as an effectively conjoined unit, the multi-jurisdictional teams of law enforcement—Toronto Metro with the Scarborough rape investigation and Bevan with Niagara Regional and the French/Mahaffy murders—were squaring off for what would become the golden Bernardo collar. And Bevan must have seen his career flashing before his eyes, because Toronto Metro, with three DNA matches and more on the way, was winning.

Regardless of the truth of the matter, that Karla was a woman beaten into complying with the twisted desires of her husband was an assumption that would stick because it served, if not a greater purpose, at least a larger one. And in a near perfect example of just how deceiving looks can be, when the astute men of the FBI and RCMP made their decision that the compliant victim/sexual sadist dynamic best fit the picture, the picture they were looking at was of Karla Homolka, taken at the hospital on the night Bernardo beat her.

It’s doubtful even the aforementioned true crime buff has taken the time for a truly penetrating look at this case. Most of what is written will proclaim as heroes the men responsible for the investigation and arrest of Paul Bernardo, the men who prosecuted him simply doing their sworn duty to protect the good citizens of Canada.

But behind this veil of honor, what is now commonly believed to be the basis for everything done in the name of capturing “Ken and Barbie”, has, in fact, little to do with the videotapes or the images they contain—and nothing to do with whether or not Bernardo was in fact a “sexual sadist” and Homolka his “compliant victim”.

In an effort to save his expensive and failing investigation, on February 17, 1993, Inspector Bevan sent his officers to the home of Karla’s defense attorney, after hours and with an urgent message in hand; the police do not habitually rendezvous late at night at the home of defense attorneys.  So if you’re any good at poker, you know that when they do, it says a great deal about the hand they’re holding.



Paul, with Tammy’s head in his lap

In the latter part of 1990, when fiance Paul Bernardo took an “interest” in her 15-year-old sister, rather than end the  relationship, or at least call off the wedding, Karla Homolka’s solution was to procure Halothane, an anesthetic used in animal surgery, and sedatives from the vet clinic where she worked as a surgical assistant. The thinking, if you can call it that, was to knock her baby sister out and “give her” to Paul Bernardo as a one of a kind Christmas present; on Christmas Eve, 1990, the plan was put into action.

Tammy Homolka 2It was unfortunate for Tammy Homolka, however, that her sister carried out this demented act; as a veterinary assistant, Karla was well aware that if the “patient” has had any food or drink in the previous 24-hour period, using anesthetic is “contraindicated”. And she certainly knew that Halothane was intended to be used with a calibrated vaporizer, not doused liberally on a rag and held over the mouth and nose. But this is something we can be certain Karla did, not only because the happy couple videotaped themselves attacking Karla’s sister, but also because of a particularly disturbing morgue photo of Tammy Lyn Homolka, with a large raspberry red burn covering her cheek and extending to the hairline on the right side of her face.

In spite (or perhaps because) of Karla’s efforts, Paul Bernardo began expressing doubts about the upcoming nuptials. No proof is good enough for some people, but whatever else she was, Karla wasn’t a quitter. Reaching into her bag of tricks again, she lured a young friend of hers (known in court as Jane Doe) to the couple’s home; she then called Bernardo on his cell phone to tell her soon-to-be hubby she had a “wedding gift” waiting for him.

Keep in mind that since Paul Bernardo did not even know Jane Doe, it’s impossible for Karla’s testimony, that he made her summon the teenager to their home, to be anything but perjury, which in and of itself was grounds for revoking the plea-bargain deal. And keep in mind Karla, all on her own, drugged and anesthetized her friend not once but twice, in exactly the same manner she obviously knew had killed her sister just a scant six months before.

Keep all that in mind, because no investigation of Karla Homolka would come out of it, and no additional charges would be brought against her.

Even with six and a half hours of videotape in which she is either directing the on-camera activity, as someone put it, “with all the blasé of a photographer taking baby pictures at Sears”, or actively sexually assaulting Tammy Homolka, Jane Doe, Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French—in spite of that, Karla Homolka would never be charged with a single sex crime, which made both her present and her future circumstances infinitely better than those her partner in crime was facing, and would face.

Paul Bernardo was the real danger, according to the Crown, and Karla Homolka’s testimony against her now ex-husband was deemed so necessary she received two concurrent 10-year sentences for manslaughter on the Mahaffy/French murder charges, with obligatory “Two for Tammy” years, also to be served concurrently, tacked on.

600full-karla-homolkaIn the photograph of Karla taken after Paul Bernardo beat her in December of 1992, there are long, dark bruises under her eyes; the injury is called a contra-coup, sometimes referred to as “raccoon-eyes”, and it’s caused by a violent blow to the back of the head, hard enough to send the brain slamming forward to the front of the skull. The circumstances under which this injury occurred are as disturbing as the image itself; it takes some digging to find it now, but the reason for the raccoon-eyed injury is in the court transcript from Homolka’s cross-examination. You have to wonder what took Paul Bernardo so long to ask his wife why at each Christmas reminder of Tammy’s demise she was not reduced to the sniveling wreck he was. But when he finally did confront her with this query, looking at the black-eyed photograph of Homolka, it’s obvious the answer was unsatisfactory.

In the story as it’s most often told, when Paul and Karla made their home movie of her sister’s Christmas Eve rape, suddenly Tammy “turned blue” and vomited; supposedly, a noxious combination of alcohol, food, sedatives, and Halothane, caused the vomit to be acidic or caustic. The acidity of the vomit coming in contact with skin is often cited as the most likely source of the burn. But if you look closely at the morgue photo you see very fine facial hair on Tammy’s face, even in the areas the burn covers. Something caustic enough to leave a burn that raspberry red certainly would’ve taken babyfine facial hair with it.

Since it did no damage to the eyebrows or eyelashes, the burn does not appear to be the result of anything flammable or the result of a splash with corrosive material, and the demarcated edges of the burn stand above the top layer of skin, as in relief. In other words, the burn does not appear to be topical and a 2001 article in the Canadian journal Elm Street cites medical examiner Dr. Vincent Di Mao, who says the anesthetic “pools” below the skin.

Keep in mind, it only “pools” in this instance, because it’s supposed to be used with a vaporizer and the Halothane has steadily decreasing amounts of oxygen to mix with. And keep in mind it’s “pooling” because someone’s still applying it to Tammy’s nose and mouth. According to a police report which was never made public, at the time her sister began “to look funny”, as Karla puts it, Paul Bernardo was in another room asleep, and was awakened by her 45 minutes to an hour after the videotape shows the sexual assault on Tammy stopped. Coordinating the events of that night with the starting and stopping point of the videotape, and the time the call was made to Emergency Services—it appears that only Karla Homolka was with her sister when she died.

In the Canadian criminal justice system it is standard procedure to release inmates at their earliest possible parole date, after serving one-third of their sentence. Karla’s two ten year sentences for the French/Mahaffy murders ran concurrently with the two year sentence she received for Tammy’s death, rendering the strange accounting process by which someone arrived at the “Two for Tammy” years, meaningless; even if this weren’t standard procedure, written into the plea-bargain agreement was a clause stating, in effect, parole was only four short years away.


Technically speaking, Paul and Karla were equally guilty of first-degree murder, but unless Karla slipped up on the stand the “deal with the devil” plea bargain arrangement was untouchable. Only Paul Bernardo was facing the full weight of all the charges, and the best result that could be realistically hoped for was a guilty verdict on second-degree murder, instead of first. It wasn’t much, but understandably, no one wanted to give Paul Bernardo much; with second-degree murder convictions he might have the chance at a life outside of prison. Someday. Everything came down to whether a jury could be persuaded it was Karla and not Paul who had the intent to kill.

Homolka states she was present when Bernardo strangled the abducted girls with an electrical cord; Bernardo’s story is, it was always his intention to let the girls go. In both instances, with Leslie and with Kristen, Paul Bernardo states he left the house to get take-out food and to rent movies, and each time when he returned, the girls were dead. People who are of the opinion Bernardo is a murderer say that after using Leslie and Kristen as objects for his sexual gratification he didn’t need them anymore and simply killed them. But looking at everything else he’s done, and the manner in which he’s done it, I have to disagree.

In his testimony Bernardo stated that both weekend nights while he was zigging here for take-out and zagging there for movies, he also stopped at a gas station. The thinking, if you can call it that, was to make sure to fill the tank because he planned to drive the girls home the next day, and didn’t want to come to a sputtering stop somewhere with a missing girl in tow. As ludicrous as that might sound, ex-accountant and pack rat Paul Bernardo kept almost every receipt ever given to him so there is a record of all that zig-zagging here and there. It’s possible of course, this was all an elaborate bit of staging to give himself an alibi—but that’s a lot of work in support of a weak story.

It’s risky business abducting girls in broad daylight, even with a helpmate, and being the prince of a fellow that he is, Bernardo has chosen to “reward” his victims with dinner and a movie, and made three different stops to do it. So—once he’s brought home the bacon, and the videos, and he’s king of his castle again with a pretty, little compliant wife and a young plaything to boot—for the man who desires that and does all this to get it—for the narcissistic, former accountant who never threw anything away, it makes no sense that his next step is to wrap an electrical cord around his harem girl’s neck and strangle her to death.

As much as they are objects on which to vent his rage, in the calm after the storm Bernardo needs the girls like a junkie needs a drug; his need for them is such he aims to make them need him in return. The Scarborough Rape attacks lasted almost two hours in some cases and according to Karla, Bernardo fussed over Kristen French and brushed her hair; he showered Jane Doe with gifts, as Karla states, “trying to buy her love.” Twisted as it as, Paul Bernardo is a “collector”, and these incidents are mini-“relationships” to him; he needs all of them, and to pack rat Paul Bernardo, killing Leslie or Kristen would be the equivalent of an addict tossing away his drugs—by sheer self-interest, it would be unthinkable. It defies our basic structure to destroy what we still need.

Karla, on the other hand, has her own peculiar and mercenary reasoning. Unlike her mercurial partner, she is steadier and more careful. But as attentive as she is, her perception’s somewhat skewed, like one of nature’s mothers stealing eggs from other nests to make her own nest count come out right. There’s something else worth noting about that black-eyed photograph of Homolka: Paul Bernardo beat his wife severely all along her body, and to document how savage a beating she received, the hospital took pictures, head-to-toe. In one of those pictures you can see Karla’s wearing a watch. It’s not a gift, and it’s not a watch she bought—but it’s nothing fancy, just an ordinary Mickey Mouse watch.

A watch just like a million other watches on the wrists of a million other girls, who also never quite outgrew the well-known Disney icon. Nothing distinguishes this item on the surface. But like the girl who wears it in the hospital photographs, what sets this watch apart is hiding in the light.

Unlike a million other watches, this one has a primitive and terrible significance, like jewelry sculpted from the bones of vanquished enemies, worn as both adornment and a warning:…I’m capable of this…if you are not, I’ll wear your bones as well…

But the world seemed mostly good, and right and fine. And as a normal 15-year-old schoolgirl in modern-day Ontario, such predatory thinking would never have occurred to Kristen French.

In the only tape in which we see the two of them alone, Karla regales her future husband with tales of what life has in store for them; the room is dark, and the soon-to-be bride and groom lie before a roaring fire in the fireplace. Cozy. Intimate. All in all it seems quite the romantic setting.

But in her future tales, Karla isn’t talking about the car or the house they’ll have some day, or of all the things they’d buy if they were rich beyond their wildest dreams. She is counting though—there could be 10, 20—even 50—together they could have as many as 50, she exclaims. And what she’s counting off in multiples of 10 for the one she hopes to marry, is the number of young girls that as man-and-wife and side by side, they can enslave.

When she’s asked on cross-examination about the time Kristen French spent in her home, Homolka expresses some regrets, and Bernardo’s defense attorney pounces on a particular phrase she uses; according to Karla, she and Kristen interacted more like girlfriends than abductor and abducted. And she seems a little wistful when she says, “It’s hard…because you get to know these people…”

...You get to know these people...

You get to know these people then the weekend’s almost over…and Karla must be thinking, too, how absurd it is…Paul, driving them home…Leslie…or Kristen…but even Paul and Karla have unspoken agreements…and silent rules, like all couples do—that’s your job, this is mine, and most of it’s understood…and generally men know the silent rules exist and operate accordingly…but sometimes…sometimes men forget the silent rules…a woman’s work, they say, is never done…

it’s hard, because you get to know these people

How hard must it have been for Leslie, or for Kristen…thinking she’s the only way they might get out of this…hoping she might save them…and finding out she won’t…

Keep in mind, in that romantic fireside setting, those future tales are woven a mere two weeks after putting Karla’s sister in the ground. And that as she’s counting off young girls in decimation style, Karla tells Bernardo, “They can be our children.”

Keep all that in mind and think how hard it must have been when Karla Leanne Homolka walked away from prison with no restriction placed upon her by the Crown. Think how hard it must have been when they heard the news that day: Karla Leanne Homolka has a child.


Paul Bernardo, in Kingston Prison

In the past year I have asked many Canadians what they think of the disparity in the sentences Paul and Karla received, and some say her sentence was appropriate. They ask if I’ve seen that picture of Karla taken after the beating her husband gave her; I say I have, and they say Paul Bernardo got what he deserved.

They may be right. I do not know.

I only know that looking at Karla Homolka is like looking through a prism—what you see depends upon the light. Hold the picture one way and there’s a victim who’s been very badly beaten; turn it, and there’s a woman sculpting jewelry from your bones.

After Tammy Homolka died, Paul Bernardo saved as many items of hers as he could; he kept an empty cereal box simply because he knew she’d eaten from it. He went so far as to take a healthy dose of the same Halothane and sedative concoction that ended her short life, to know something of what she went through, he says. Such histrionic behavior seems typical of Bernardo. Far more troubling is how unaffected Karla, and others, appear to have been.

The death of Karla’s sister was strangely under-investigated and in Paul and Karla lore, Tammy Lyn’s significance in general is often overlooked. But according to Paul Bernardo, he beat his wife that late December night after she admitted that while Tammy’s death was sad, it was not the emotionally devastating event for her that it was for him–and if that’s true, it presents us with yet another dark aspect of the Bernardo-Homolka tale.

Keep in mind, the Crown maintains that without Homolka’s “help”, the case against Bernardo, for murder, was in doubt. Keep in mind, without that raccoon-eyed photograph of Karla, the compliant victim theory would have been a tougher sell.

Keep in mind why Paul Bernardo says he beat his wife that night.

Keep all that in mind. Then ask yourself what no one asks out loud.

Between the injury that sent Homolka’s brain slamming forward in her skull and a wrist-slap of a sentence—between Paul Bernardo’s savagery and a two-year prison term—ask your heart the question and ask as if it matters; for Tammy Lyn Homolka, where was justice to be found.

217 responses to “The Ken and Barbie Killers

  1. “Three months after Paul and Karla met, a series of brutal rapes began in Scarborough, …”

    “it is worth noting that the 19 victims of the Scarborough Rapist are still alive: not one girl died until Karla Homolka, literally, was in the picture.”

    You don’t see a contradiction there? Okay, I guess you didn’t mean “entered the picture” as in ‘became a part of Bernardo’s life’ and it is a noteworthy distinction, but at least on victim of the Scarborough rapist (as Bernardo had been called by the media) said she thought she saw a woman holding something like a video camera while being assaulted. That was December 22, 1989 in Scarborough.

    I simply don’t buy your argument that “it doesn’t make sense” that he would throw away something he needed. Bernardo committed a number of rapes. He was interested in increasing his number of victims. Accumulating trophies (a video tape made shortly after Tammy Homolka’s death has him taking to Karla about the idea of his own collection of 50 virgins). He got off on degrading and humiliating his victims and I don’t think he really cared much about whether they lived or died.

    In any case, the fact that he abducted Kristen French after Leslie Mahaffy had been killed shows that he had no regard for whether or not French lived or died. As far as I remember, the video tapes also reveal that Bernardo showed part of the video of the sexual assault on Leslie Mahaffy, which I think shows that he was taunting Kristen French with the clear foreknowledge of her death.

    Regardless of which one of them actually killed Leslie Mahaffy, I think they are both equally culpable for the murders. After Leslie Mahaffy was killed, both Bernardo and Homolka went out and abducted Kristen French. Regardless of which one of them had actually killed Leslie Mahaffy, surely both of them must have realized that they would likely end up killing Kristen French.

    • . As far as I remember, the video tapes also reveal that Bernardo showed part of the video of the sexual assault on Leslie Mahaffy, which I think shows that he was taunting Kristen French with the clear foreknowledge of her death.

      In case my meaning is not clear: Bernardo showed Kristen French a portion of the video showing his sexual assaults on Leslie Mahaffy. This, combined with the fact that he hadn’t bothered to blindfold Kristen French, convinces me that he had always intended to kill her.

      For someone who is sadistic like Bernardo, showing Kristen French the video of his assault on Leslie Mahaffy would have probably given him the ultimate sense of control over his victim and probably would have been absolutely terrifying for Kristen French.

      It was horrible to read about what those two girls went through before being murdered. It is cold comfort for me to acknowledge that at least their suffering ended with their deaths. I did not know either of the girls, but do live in Ontario and to this day I feel quite sad when I think about these horrible crimes. I hope their families have been able to find some sort of comfort. I can only vaguely imagine how awful it would be to realize that your daughter, sister or niece had suffered so horribly.

    • Paul wasrapeing befor he met Karla.

      • It doesn’t sound as though he was killing until he met Karla.. She SHOULD be in prison. We’d call her an “accomplice” in America.

    • I also think that Bernardo committed some of the rapes before he met Homolka.

  2. I have a rough idea where the two of them will be spending eternity.

  3. “Unlike a million other watches, this one has a primitive and terrible significance, like jewelry sculpted from the bones of vanquished enemies, worn as both adornment and a warning:…I’m capable of this…if you are not, I’ll wear your bones as well…

    I don’t know who you are, but this is the best synopsis of this case, and Karla’s involvement in it, I’ve read.

    I never before really understood the significance of Kristen’s watch. Thank you for putting it so graphically but truthfully, and for helping me to crystalize my thoughts on this.

    What kind of politically correct feminist-inspired hell do we live in that she was allowed to escape so lightly as a ‘battered woman’, and then go on to create her own stable of victims by being allowed to birth and raise three children? We all work so hard to protect Karla’s rights to protection from the public. I have to wonder in what twilight zone episode we’re living in where her children don’t appear to have any rights to protection from her?

    On an aside: I can only hope that Marion Boyd someday gets the consequence she truly deserves from her handling of this deal.


    • I disagree, she wouldn’t have gotten off as lightly if this society was actually interested in the beliefs of feminism; that all men, women, etc. should be treated as equals. She only got off because this world is filled with people who don’t believe women are equal to men(i.e. a women couldn’t commit homicide because women are frail, weak minded things and couldn’t possibly be responsible for murder lest they be forced to commit the act.

    • I hope she doesn’t live a long or peaceful life. Her husband is another mental sadist and the child is better of with strangers. God knows her impulses will never die and he is has no hope of anything good with her.

    • “What kind of politically correct feminist-inspired hell do we live in that she was allowed to escape so lightly as a ‘battered woman’, and then go on to create her own stable of victims by being allowed to birth and raise three children?”

      The same kind of “politically correct feminist-inspired hell” which allowed Bernardo’s DNA sample to sit on a shelf collecting dust for two years – because hey, rape is only rape – – until it’s rape-and-murder – – right?

      • Ikr !! Its crazy, he is a serial sex offender. It should be red flags, and he must have been in prison. I think the woman should also be in prison, she is equally guilty as she seemed to have helped in crimes readily rather then being tricked into. She knew those drugs could kill and yet she used it on her own sister. She conspired to have her own sister raped and also sexually assaulted her. She wasnt yet married to him, and her parents were sleeping upstairs, it’s outrageous to call her victim. She could have called it quits, she is an adult capable of thinking for herself and very smart one at that, so what stopped her ? She knew about his sadistic tedencies from the begining yet she chose to stay, and help in his crimes.

    • I cannot recall which book about them I read, but the autopsy of either Kristen or Leslie showed 2 small knee prints in her back. Much too small to be Bernardo’s. Karla killed those girls and her sister. She was jealous. She is deeply disturbed and IMO even more evil than Bernardo.

    • Khristopher Walsh

      You’re correct, this is by far one of the best pieces I have seen on Karla. The watch actually has even more of an impact than was stated in this article. Following the DNA results linking Paul to the Scarborough rapes, Karla was brought in for questioning in Tornoto. It was during this interview that Karla was asked if she had seen Paul with the Mickey Mouse watch. Karla turned white, stuttered, and avoided answering. It’s important to remember that at this point there was no evidence that the couple had been involved in the murders, as a matter of fact Paul had actually been cleared as a suspect by the taskforce in St. Catherines two weeks earlier. The day following the interview in Toronto, Karla made the trip to a lawyer and admitted everything. Had the cops in Toronto not asked her about the watch, she probably doesn’t get the plea deal.

  4. Believe it or not this is mostly Pauls fault , true he didnt start killing untill Karla got into the picture but , he was rapeing girls which is a sign of insanity. He was just working his way up to killing girls , and since karla came into the picture he had somone he could blame it on if he ever got caught. Karla was who he planned on blaming and now that he had someone to blame he could do what he pleased, knowing karla would do anything for him.
    Hes a sadistic man and he got what he had coming to him.

    • They both should of got the death penalty. That’s how we do it in America. Her poor children. I hope someone gives that sick animal (she doesn’t deserve to be labled as a woman) what she deserves, put her so far in the ground and save those precious babies who deserve a better life and different names.

      • That she’s allowed to have children is the final crime. Between World overpopulation and her obvious association with the circumstances of this case, it then becomes our society’s sense of morals that is allowing her to escape any real punishment for murder. And to reward her – and any half-wit that reads the full story of what happened – with the ability/promise of one of the greatest gifts mankind has to offer – to procreate (despite association with the perverse). …Right, in todays world pointing out the obvious lack of justice in even something as horrific as this 30 year old warning is akin to wasting ones breath, shouting into the North Wind.
        What makes these kind of people tick is not Hellfire borne, it’s stone cold consciousness. Scream all you want, beg, cry, it’s like asking a corpse to treat you nicely – there just isn’t anything there to care about you or provide human compassion. So take that thought and then place her into the most important position a human can have, to nurture and instruct younglings on how to be good citizens and be productive in society? And based on the outcome of this case (and innumerous others) our system of justice not only allows it, it encourages it.

      • It is just sad isn’t it.

      • SHelby, I am also an American and believe in the death penalty! This case of Paul Bernadino and Carla Homokla screams for the death penalty for both of them! She is as guilty as him! For her to set up her own blood, her younger sister to be raped by a guy she was dating, is so sick and twisted, it is beyond normal peoples comprehension. This Carla is the consummate sociopath! Also her parents are disgusting that they even have one thing to do with her after what she has done to her sister, their daughter. What is wrong with these parents? You have a real sick family here! There is no lines of loyalty. This Carla is a sociopath control freak, and that is how I am sure she is living now. Those three children will someday find out about her. Her day of reckoning is coming. Her children will turn on her, or turn away from her forever…when they ever hear what she did and was a part of. It is so heinous and despicable what she did to her own sister, then it became nothing for her to do this to two strangers. She has no conscience! That is why she could do all the insane things she did with this nut job Bernadino who is also a sociopath! They both should have been marched out in some yard, and shot to death! I cannot believe, she did not get life in Canada for what she did! Canada is to easy on crime. I think that they may believe that women are not capable of crimes of this nature….boy oh boy….they should read a ton of our, the USA’s murder books of women in the US that have killed, and were serial killers. Women are very capable of horrendous murder! Look at Lizzie Borden of Fall River, Massachusetts. Now those were brutal murders of that time frame. The men on that jury could not believe a woman was capable of such horror! That is why Lizzie walked away free! Carla is living like an animal, in a place she does not want to be in. Settled for guy she does not want! She has no country! No one in a 1st world country like Canada or the USA wants her! She is walking scum till the day she stops breathing! Believe me, people like her do not change too much, I’d love to be a fly on a wall, what she must do to those children? One may even come back and kill her one day!

      • Did you see at one point she was volunteering at a school since she’s been released. A journalist found her in the Caribbean a few years back and wrote a short story about it.

        It’s called finding Karla.

    • do some research on this case, clearly you have no idea about it.

  5. I don’t believe that Karla Homolka received an adequate punishment for her part in these crimes, so I agree with you there. However, it’s absolutely repulsive to read the words on this site sympathizing with a man who raped numerous young girls and women, whether he did or did not act alone in the murders of three of them.

    Bernardo and Homolka are both clearly seriously disturbed, sadistic people. Both of them deserve to be taken out of society permanently.

  6. I do agree but , Karla was his get out of jail free card so he thought. He thought that Karla would take the blame. Im not saying that karla was a victom shes just as messed as him but she was used in Pauls little plan. He just didnt realize that he was going to get caught. I think Karla should still be in jail along with him. They were both involved and both knew what they were doing. Dont believe that stupid movie they made, that was just a way she could get simpathy from people but shes just as much to blame as Paul. May they both rot in there pittiful life.

    • Read nick prons book that word for word gives transcripts from the destroyed videotapes showing the tapes and murders. Karla is just as or even more disturbed than Paul.

  7. It is repulsive to me that they are both ALIVE and one is out and about living a normal life raising children! They are both a BIG GARRISH stain on humanity and should be completely removed.

  8. I have to agree. Paul Bernardo was a rapist. Karla Homolka is a killer. See her reaction when her sister is dead. Karla is dead calm. Go through with your wedding just 6 months after your sister’s death? Unbelievable! Any person who impedes Karla Homolka’s desire must die, and they do! Then, when she is in hiding at the home of relatives while negotiating her plea bargain, she picks up some guy in a bar and sleeps with him! No remorse, no fear! Narcissism at it’s best.

    • She also bitched about her parents spending so much money on Tammy’s funeral, leaving less to spend on her unholy marriage.

  9. This story sickens me! Not only is Karla Holmolka out of jail but also now has a child. If she’d kill and sexually assualt her own baby sister what would she do to her own child??? They both deserve to die, if this happened in the USA these people would both be sentenced to death or would literally die in a cell…… the justice system in Canada is way to Lax. I also find it sick that her family backs her up!

    • YouHaveStruckaCord

      Wow way off point with the whole “the justice system in Canada is way to lax” comment! I do not agree with the out come of this case but some could say oh they were way to harsh in that case or way to lax in this case. Not all cases turn out the way everyone would want and that my dear is fact and not a Canadian justice system thing it happens everywhere. Lots of people say America’s justice and political systems are corupt but does that apply to all cases I would think not. So to attack a whole system because of a few cases (or maybe just the one) that you know of is very narrow minded my dear. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

      • There have been enough examples throughout Canada that prove our justice system is too lax, this case is just one of many. The ‘punishment’ Karla recieved is a joke, as well as what our life sentence actually means (25 years, that doesn’t equal ‘life’). To accuse someone of being ‘narrow minded’ just because of this one opinion makes you exactly what you’re accusing them of being. So not only are you the narrow minded one, but quite the hypocrite as well.

      • Hear, hear!

      • Canada’s murder rate is much lower than America’s, disprkving the notion that the death penalty deters murder.

    • Our American justice system is so corrupted! Money talks and bullshit walks. We do not have justice in this country.

  10. It’s too bad they don’t have the death penalty in Canada. They are BOTH fiends and should be TERMINATED WITH EXTREME PREDJUDICE.

  11. I think that they both should have gotten worse punishments, like what they did to all those girls sickens me. Canada was just to soft on them, the US would know how to deal whith them… I can’t believe that Karla is still alive

  12. I think you Pamela need to stop thinking that the USA is all lovely and fair and a lot better than Canada , its not trust me.I’m not from Canada so i’m not sticking up for them i’m from Scotland.This story really confuses me I really don’t know weather to believe the mad lassie in it is a right creepo or wit.And I agree she should not be aloud to have full custody of her child in case another fancy man comes along and she gives her child to them for a wee Christmas present , sick bitch that she is, in parts of Scotland they kind of people get battered, stabbed, jumped or killed.End of the day don’t matter what the outcome is the two off them are crackpots.

  13. u both need to shut the fuck they should have got DEATH !!!!!!!

  14. julie whay is ur problem with the USA ?????

  15. Who wrote this article? Anyone know?
    Shelly, grow up.

  16. Honestly if someone could “give” their little sister to any man or any person for that matter and then in turn do unspeakable things to her as well, while video tapping it, is perfectly capable of murder. I would not now nor would I ever trust Miss Karla Homolka with any child I also would not trust her to walk the streets but unfortunately good people get put away and bad people walk sometimes. She could have done worse but I do believe, however, that she is a sadistic bitch and hope she has fun in Hell.

    As for Mr. Bernardo, well, the thought of a man rapping one or more women fills me with more hate than if he were to just kill them and I hope to the high heavens that he is getting his ass kicked up and down his jail cell by bigger and less “pretty boy” looking criminals.

    Paul was rapping before Karla but she could have put an end to it. THAT shows what kind of person she is.

  17. Tammy’s death was an accident. From that fateful night on, he controlled Karla’s actions and words in all of the videos, and blackmailed her with the video of her sister’s death. Can you imagine how scared Homolka would be that information she killed her sister and allowed her to be raped by him surfaced? All audio in the tapes was obviously scripted.

    • You can’t seriously believe that.

      Karla is just as responsible as Paul, it’s incredibly obvious.

      Anyone who believes her drivel is delusional.

    • According to court evidence, Karla appeared to be a willing participant and enjoying herself when the video tapes of Tammy Homolka, Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French were viewed and this occurred after she had struck a plea deal in which she had claimed to have been an unwilling participant in the videos. she showed no signs of fear during the video tapings nor any remorse after the rapes and deaths of the 3 victims. In my opinion she got of easy. I can’t believe that her parents and sister Lori stuck by her considering what she has done. It’s despicable. Can you imagine what Tammy would say if she knew that her parents and sister Lori remained loyal to Karla after what had been done to her? I think she’d be hurt, sad and angry. I’m sure Karla wouldn’t like it if any of what she and Paul did happened to one of her children. She is a sick and vile human being much like Paul Bernardo is. I hope that God delivers them some vengeance when they die.

    • Isn’t the thought that Karla would hand over her baby sister’s virginity to this creep as a “Christmas Present” disturbing enough ? She stole the drugs and planned it all on her own. It wasn’t Paul’s idea, it was hers. She didnt dump that psycho when she realized what he is, and its not like it was too late when she knew, she knew from begining what he really is. These are not signs of accident, mistakes or being a “victim”, she was a creep too.

  18. i think they are both disgusting! Karla should have never been let out and she should have had her womb removed! I think that the Canadian law sucks and we need to do something about this bullshit! Those families will never have their daughters back but that bitch is living free and having kids. Can you imagine when her kids find out what she did. I would hate my mother and never admit to anyone that she is my mother. I hope Karla and the asshole Paul read these comments and go commit suicide, they should never be allowed to breath the same air we breath and if I were their parents I would disown them and truley be ashamed. They disgust me and they are both capable of murder with or without each other. Karla is free and she will do it again. No normal person would do anything like what she did and if she was capable before what makes those idiots who let her out think she isn’t capable to repeat it. If it does happen again, they all need to be held responsible.

  19. I also agree Karla should never had been let out of jail, but this “article” defending the rapist/torturer is sickening. “Think about why he beat her”? She was devoid of emotion and he got choked up on every anniversary of her sister’s death…so his severe assault on her was justified? It indicates that you, the writer, have serious psychological issues and also smacks of misogyny.

    Why paint Paul in prettier hues and paint Karla black when he tortured and violated numerous girls? Your reasoning about a junkie not wanting to throw away drugs is ridiculous. His dropping them off after abducting, raping, and torturing them would have been “throwing away his drugs”.

    He and she both have pronounced personality disorders. They are both culpable for rape, torture, and murder. End of story. Too bad she is out; justice has not been served.

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about. There was no ‘muh soggy knee” in anything that was written there, other than in yourwarped, entitled mind. You gender studies ‘scholars’ are insufferable.

  20. AGREED!!!!!!! Too bad she is out; justice has not been served.

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    • And what canadian society did to claim justice for the girls?why do they have such shorts imprisonment for crimes that in most countrys get death penalty or life in prison?there were no riots to complain against the short punishments?a country’s laws must be made by the people and in agree with the people.if not it may be changed.

    • I agree. She should not be near children. She should have never been free to leave prison. She will suffer an eternity. I do believe that.

  21. It s hard to believe that in a so called first world country laws any really developed country that haves respect for human life serial killers get life in a murder gets up to 25years in prison.a “comun”murder.besides why he did nt get a condemn for the 19 rapes he comited?there where video tapes and also the bitch should not live to be out of prison and less have kids,and the beating she got is the less she diserves,she should have been burn or beaten to death what a sick society you northern people have is disgusting that a woman participates in a rape!and is hard to belieble that people accepted this impunity to happen,people should have burn down the city till there were justice for those girls.

  22. Unbelievable!

    hey, iam from germany, and today i read first time from the killers. unbelievable. what’s going on in canada??? .. in germany both would never see daylight again. our law has changed a few years ago, because of the same fact what murders und rapist came out after 10 years jail. so in germany there is preventive detention .. for life! she never should have the admission to become mother or anything else with kids or teenagers… her family is als guilty i think…

  23. I live in the US and I’m not certain that Karla’s sentence would be any different here. The police and the prosecutor made their deal with her in haste and before they knew the entire truth; once her blatant lies were exposed, their arrogant refusal to admit they were short-sighted and in fact ran a terrible investigation from the get-go kept them from filing further charges against her, as they legally could and should have. The U.S. is no better than Canada when it comes to these instances of skewed “justice.”
    As for the premise of this blog’s author: while I agree with it in part — Homolka is every bit as as much a psychopath as Bernardo, albeit more a malignant narcissist than a sexual sadist like Bernardo — I find it difficult to believe that Bernado would have blithely driven those poor young women back home and dropped them off with a “thanks for your time!” Kristen French, especially, was a savvy young woman who could easily identify them both and even knew their first names, unlike Leslie Mahaffy whose face, I believe, was covered the entire time. I think both Bernardo and Homolka took part in the murders; neither wished to be caught. As regards Bernardo’s earlier history as the Scarborough Rapist, it would not be the first time in the history of crime that a rapist graduated to murder.

    • I agree, i am Canadian and truly believe that Canada does have a good justice system. on the other hand i think both people should be kept in jail but not sentenced to death. Why sink down to their level?

      • You are one of the teeming idiotic masses that make up the Canada; your justice system (if it can be called that) stinks to high heavens!

      • true Canadian answer, I’m Canadian too and Canada is the best!

  24. I am surprised no one has dealt with Karla? I am happy she is living isolated and in fear. I wonder if she ever thinks of someone abducting her babies?

  25. Absolute disguist of our legal system. The Canadian system sold out to Holmolka. With all the evidence, really, really was that the best they could do? Shame on you.

  26. The writer’s comments that Karla was wearing a Micky Mouse watch that had belonged to Kristen French is inaccurate. Before the murder, Bernardo/Homolka went to Orlando for vacation. She bought a watch there, and they both bought the silly Mickey Mouse ears.

    The couple took all jewelry that both girls were wearing, smashed them up, and burned them. Any remains were thrown on the road away from their house.

    Yes, they’re both monsters, but inaccurate reporting leads readers to believe what is false is real.

  27. He raped them, but did not beat them – so he was just a deviant – not a criminal yet. The park this happened at was notorious for “Dogging” and many police say that some women were ashamed afterwards and called it rape.
    It is also extremely curious that the so-called fisherman found concrete blocks of human remains at the bottom of a lake – a fisherman who happened to be a relative of a high ranking policeman. There were also multiple sketches of the Scarborough rapist – one of which matched the fisherman in question.
    It is also not mentioned by the the biased media that Karla and her sister were intimate quite a few times before her sister died from acute alcohol poisoning.
    The simple fact is that Paul was railroaded in court, Karla was the true killer and the Police and Justice system swept all other facts under the rug to present a false, convenient story to the public. Canada was the ultimate victim in this case.

    • Bigjjstudd you sure are a big fucking moron!! Canada is the victim? Tammy and Karla were intimate? Stop smoking crack before you post and start thinking about the REAL VICTIMS and their families and I’m talking about Leslie Mahaffy, Kristen French and of course Tammy Lyn. These young ladies were innocent and their only mistake in life was knowing predators whom of course are Paul Bernardo and his blond wife who was also missing a moral compass, Karla homolka. Have some respect for the families and may these beautiful young ladies rest in peace

    • You fucking moron. Rape is a crime, so yes HE WAS A CRIMINAL before he killed. What the hell is wrong with you, you need to be kicked in the balls, hard.

  28. I think BigJJStudd is either Paul himself, or another rapist – or maybe just BigJJStupid.

  29. I was in high school with Karla, and she was odd well before Paul came into the picture.

  30. This means paul is not a psychopath when hes got shame and feelings of guilt the true deffination of a psychopath dosent have any of the above

    • HE SAYS he has shame and feelings of guilt, pathological lying is a symptom of a Psychopath. How do you know he’s telling the truth? .

    • brooke petito

      Don’t even bother Crystal. I’ve learned from these comments, a lot of people can’t get over the past and need to bring up every freaking wrong thing Paul did. I doubt they even read anything about him before going on here making him look even worse than he is.

  31. I know everyone is talking about Tammy, Leslie, and Kristen, and I feel for them. First i’m not a girl never been raped or anything of that nature. BUT, I find it absolutely insane that the writer barely touches on the NINETEEN RAPES; “it is worth noting that the 19 victims of the Scarborough Rapist are still alive”. You’re joking right? Some of these girls are never “alive” inside again. Some of them will spend their lifetime with this horror a constant companion. I….I’m fucki’n speechless.

    • Exactly! How biased does that sound? It seems as the writer is trying to portray Bernardo as a big teddy bear, by minimizing the horrible things he did and focusing only on the horrible things Karla did. He kidnapped, raped, psychologically and physically tortured women and kids. Yes those girls were kids.
      Just so that it’s clear to everyone, the crown, police etc did not charge Karla with all of those crimes not because of the ‘battered woman’ story but because they had no proof against her since Paul’s lawyer (who was later charged w obstruction of justice) hid all the video tapes from them until later on in the case long after the plea had been made. The police didn’t have much on Paul either and without clear evidence such as the tapes, Karla was their prime evidence against him and they felt otherwise he’d get little or no jail time. It wasn’t because the law is feminist or what not as some user said. It was Paul and his lawyer who hid that evidence who would’ve put Karla in prison for life.

    • It’s years after most posts but I must say the following. I grew up in Scarborough and the Scarborough Rapist was prolific. There were NO sketches of him until the very end. The most frightening thing was all they knew was that he had blond hair. There were no facial sketches, nothing. The whole thing changed my childhood COMPLETELY. Police officers would drive me home when they saw me walking late. We as kids walked in packs. To this day, the kids can call me to pick them up at 3AM after the club and I will drive every single one of them home. I do not leave until they are inside and signal that all is well (flickered llights or a parent’s wave).

      Most commenters are posting from their own world view. Due to the depth of this issue, it is erroneous to look at any of the evidence from your own perspective. If it were me, lax Canadians, murderous Americans, blah blah blah. None of this is real nor does it matter much.

      These individuals enjoyed working together. It was their pass time. They knew the consequences of their actions and each tried to mitigate them accordingly. Paul is a sick person with deviant sexual appetites. You cannot beat someone into offering your sister as a Christmas present. It doesn’t work like that in such a short period of time. Karla enjoyed it. She was turned on by it and she wanted to do something extraordinary for the only person with whom she could be her sick, little self.

      In regards to her “racoon eyes”, I have an aquaintance who had never put his hands on his girlfriend. One night, his girlfriend’s kids (not by him) called freaking out because they had overheard their aunt threatening to call social services to take them because their mother didn’t come get them at school 3 days in a row. He called and assured the aunt that it was his error and waited for the girlfriend to come home. When she did, he demanded to know where she had been and what was going on with the kids. She evaded, joked, then screamed then finally admitted that she was doing crack with an ex in the basement of his home 2 towns away. My aquaintance snapped, punched her once in the face, and ended up breaking her eye socket and cheek bone. He regretted it instantly, but it was too late. The kids begged the judge for leniency and to stay with him, but he had no claim to them, and somehow (don’t know) the charges were later dropped. So Paul Bernardo’s account is possible…

      Karla Homolka hatched her masterplan and got off with a 4 year sentence to be served in a country-club prison for fraudsters and the like. A woman who had the personality-type to be subject to the abused-submissive, is not able to game the system as well as Ms. Homolka did. Any Canadian criminal and the people they know can tell you about raising your chances of only serving a third of your sentence. She knew exactly what she was doing as evidenced by the fact that she witheld the tapes from scrutiny until the 12-year deal was signed and intractable without embarrassing the prosecution.

      Paul Bernardo is a sick, twisted and deranged man and has “tastes” for violent sex with underage girls. He is an extremely dangerous criminal. He is by no means off the hook. But that does not mean he’s a sociopath. He owned up to everything he did. But Homolka…She felt nothing. She is on a whole other level. I believe the reasoning behind his beating of Homolka. This evil bitch now lives in my town, Longueuil, QC. She has obtained plastic surgery and has 3 kids with a dude she was talking to since her incarceration, maybe prior, I don’t know. All I know, is she is a true malignant personality. A true sociopath if you will. She will only be a danger to us in 1 of 3 instances. 1) If she comes across another malignant personality, 2) if her malignancy is genetic or 3) If her offspring is in perceived danger…Only time will tell.

      • That the Canadian public buys Paula Todd’s horse shit about Karla Homolka being in the Caribbean does my head in.

  32. Death penalty for two killers this is always wish!

  33. Okay I saw an artical about these guys in Maclean Magazine the other day when I was at wal mart. Now this is coming from a sixteen year old. To all of you Americans who are saying our justices system is lax, sorry you believe that. If the courts had made and agreement with Karla that got her out of her original sentence. Remember they have to live with what they did. Forever. And those of you saying they deserve to die, you`re not nearly as bad as them, but you`re still bad. ok sorry for wasting anyones time

    • When your a psychopath you are incapable of remorse, so no neither of them will “have to live with what they did.”

  34. It sounds to me like the ego clashing of the different investigating departments translated into such a cluster f***k that the criminals damn near got clean away. It’s pathetic that professionals can become so blinded by competition and other petty differences that they couldn’t work together in a way that would reflect the sum total of their education and experience. What a waist of money on greased pig race.

    The worst crime of all is that they fumbled the ball so bad, that woman Karla is out living in society raising children. I fear not only for those poor children, but the sickness they will carry with them from their mother into their future. It’s a real life horror. Absolutely tragic!

  35. I agree with some of the responses posted here. You can’t attack a whole justice system based on one case. Yes, Karla deserved a more harsh punishment. Blame that on the investigators, police department and lawyers. I live in the US and there is no way to tell what would have happened here.

    The main thing to concentrate on now is the victims, their families and where everyone goes from here. My heart goes out to the survivors and the victims families. Noone is ever the same after a heinous attack like this and I can only hope that they find the strength and courage to not let Karla and Paul “control” their lives any longer.

  36. i think they are both guilty and karla should got off easy. Also she was the one who lured them to paul bernardo which makes it even worse. Her own sister too what an evil person does that? It’s a shame the justice system let her off so easiily. The victims didn’t get to live their lives while she got married and had children. This is truly sad.

  37. Statingtheobvious!

    Death to both the depraved, psychotic, narcissistic killers who are jointly responsible for the deaths. Can anyone with a brain seriously argue the fact that they are both equally responsible for the murders? Its a sign of how warped society has become that it is even in doubt!

  38. FYI I found the car and advised the police of the camaro and they came and towed it. I lived in a townhouse in scarborough and the car was parked in a space that the owner of the parking spot came out and did not know whose car it was or why it was there when the police came. FYI if you see on the old cp24 videos played overnight as recent as 3 years ago i saw it in the repeat broadcast cp24 as the camaro speeds by on hwy 401 making faces at the camera. I found the car, want more info , email me. I found the car for sure. Dan

  39. I think too many people watched the lifetime about this and think they know about the whole case based on that… personally I think they are both psychopaths. After watching the LMN version of what happened, I don’t blame people for feeling that she was somehow a victim but that movie was a dramatization of what happened. Naturally, it is on the “Network for Women” so obviously it wouldn’t show any woman in a negative light.

    • RIGHT!?!?!?! Thats what im saying. Stupid ass movie. Hahaha network for women so true. Very very good point.

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  41. I found this post after watching the story on Deadly Sins on the Investigation Discovery Channel. This post was well-written and informative. These are truly disturbing crimes and perpetrators. I don’t think that the fact that Karla has had children has anything to do with her guilt or potential danger to others. The title of the book by the journalist who has recently found Karla, “How I Tracked Down An Elusive Serial Child Killer and Found A Mother of Three” is bothersome to me (though I know the title is probably for shock value). What the journalist found was an Elusive Serial Child Killer who has had three children. The birth of Karla’s children didn’t cleanse her of her crimes. And evil people can have children, we shouldn’t be so surprised when they do. This woman participated in the rape and murder of her own younger sister, a child. Her having children of her own is terrifying — for the children and the friends that they will bring home as they get older. Actually, her decision to have children, though not surprising, to me is an example of her self-centered, self-focused thinking. Because of the deal she struck, she was released early enough for her not have missed her child-bearing years, but given her history, her notoriety, the crimes themselves, a rehabilitated person, a person who feels remorse — might decide not to bring children into the world who will one day have to cope with having been born to and raised by someone involved in these heinous crimes. Nothing seems to point to viewing Karla as a rehabilitated person, or a person who has been punished enough for her crimes, or a person who has benefited from psychiatric care and medication, or a person who has even made a religious conversion — that would make it easier to see her now as simply a mother. She’s a serial rapist and killer who has had babies. Even if she never commits another crime, she still did what she did. And it was only because of her ability to present herself as a victim and negotiate a deal prior to the recordings being found that allowed her the freedom to procreate. It’s a horrific story — three deaths and so many victims — and two perpetrators. Unthinkable.

  42. I think they both are guilty! and she didn’t get enough time for the crimes she had done! and to think she might me a mom now!
    and he family backs her up! WOW! Well I think the other family didn’t get the justice they need! what low lifes! They should have got life!!!

  43. I was at high school with Tammy. She was pretty and beautiful. Sometımes, when we talked, she was saying that she really lıke paul and she want him for herself (sometimes). I NEVER THOUGHT HER GONE. I NEVER THOUGHT KARLA’S DOOM. Tammy was more beauitiful than Karla. Go to hell paul !

  44. She is a monster and should have spent the rest of her natural life in prison. Hopefully she will rot in hell!

  45. What you said about the author is quite harsh and largely unwarranted. I don’t think the author in anyway supports, condones, or legitimizes what Paul has done.

    The collective societal sympathy that Karla received is the reason she’s walking freely right now; and that is injustice to all the victims in this tragedy. The author challenges this socially preconceived ‘conception’, and instead offers a more logical possibility (which society and it’s predetermined sympathy for the bruised woman was all too quick to jettison), and that is: just because Karla was battered, doesn’t necessarily mean that she (and not the tortured, violently and brutally raped, and murdered young women) is the victim.

    I don’t see how the author is a misogynist for bringing this warped and unjust social conception to light.

  46. Be a sadistic rapist (extensively documented), be a woman, show picture with bruises, be innocent.
    Fuck feminism, and its tiresome double standards.

  47. Insightful post, really gave me a totally different angle on the whole case. Very few people have analysed the little details as much as you have, or brought up seemingly insignificant evidences.

  48. They should both be shot, i think she did kill the girls out of jealously, I think Paul was a damaged messed up individual probably has a mental illness, He clearly isn’t right in the head. Karla stole drugs to sedate her own 15 year old so they could both rape her on Christmas eve. She should still be in jail an if ever released, not aloud to work with or interact with children or have the right to give birth. pure premeditated evil, she knew an was in control everything. Just torture her please
    e children of her own. How can she
    lookok in the mirror each day?? pure premeditated

    • KILL them both or better still put them in prison till they die!! What’s up with Canadian law why didn’t they check for drugs an signs of sexual abuse on Tammys body?? You can clearly see that burn is not a carpet burn!!

  49. That photo that is supposedly Tammy in Paul’s lap moments before her death is actually Karla pretenting to be Tammy with Paul stroking her hair. Very shortly after Tammy’s death, Karla dressed up in her dead sister’s clothes and pretended to be her and had sex with Paul and they made a videotape of it. Karla also rubbed a rose on Paul’s penis and they ceremoniously placed it on Tammy’s grave after. So I don’t really believe Paul’s overwhelming grief over Tammy’s death. His grief was very selective.

  50. who is the author??

  51. I found the car (1970 cream colour almost rusted goldish faded small dent in side of car which shows up on cp24 video, see earlier post here) the police were looking for which I believe resulted in evidence to end their killings and to save the imprisonment of another scarborough 20 year old being charged for Pauls rapes.

  52. It was a 1981 Z-28 ,Left side was Primer and the right side was white with a Blue stripe.

  53. Unbelievable!!!! First of all if they had tested Bernardos DNA earlier those 3 girls would be alive. How could they make a deal like that-they should have done a better search. That crazy psychopath Homolka is now free and ha s children!!!!!!!! I hate to say it but Canada you really screwed up this one. The only good thing that comes out of this, is that God will give the final punishment to those two animals.

  54. It is Sad

  55. Of everything I’ve read on this case I still don’t know why Tammy’s death wasn’t investigated adequately enough for them to be arrested. How did that first death get past everyone – including her parents! What was their explanation for her death? Didn’t they do toxicology and find out that veterinary drugs were used? I don’t get it.

    • Standard 12 panel toxicology used for autopsy wouldn’t test for these drugs and the family being happy with Paul and Karla’s story likely didn’t ask for a further, more detailed tox screen. Family being happy with the story is likely why the cops didn’t pursue it, too.

  56. Karla Homolka escaped punishment with only 12 years , and not bad year’s spent in minimum security and in cottage type of arrangement. She could go outside and sun bathe. Her and only 5 others sharing this cottage got money to order pizzas and so on.
    Hardly a punishing setup.
    Karla moved on with her life and got remarried and now has three children with the brother of her lawyer no less. She lives a guiet life on the island of Guadeloupe in the south pacific.

    Not bad for a murderer.
    Her husband said she paid her dues , I guess he was referring to the 12 years she did.
    Bernardo said she strangled Kristen French with a cord after they got done torturing her.
    I suppose Bernardo killed Leslie Mahaffy.
    I am inclined to believe Bernardo about the strangulation of Kristen French by Karla.

    Bernardo being the main player with all the rapes as well as the murders sits in a 5 by 8 jail cell while Karla gets a tan on a south pacific island drinking Pena coladas.

    Why any man would marry this monster and have children with her knowing what she did is beyond me.

  57. I dislike speculation. Why is Karla guilty if Paul is innocent and vice versa? Did this writer even think about what it was like to be raped and tortured by Paul? Obviously Karla was jealous and wanted her ‘competition’ dead, she is a sociopath, no surprise there.

  58. “No one got killed until Karla showed up”. Yes, but that doesn’t mean Paul didn’t commit murder – he did. It’s just that Karla brought his desires out in the open, between them at least. It became ritualistic and fueled by a power game within their relationship. Why would ‘pack rat’ Paul kill victims he needed? Easy – self preservation.

  59. There were more people involved in this crime that was hidden from the People,check out the Truth how they were really arrested and what happened to the Others involved in the Crime,,,,

  60. Garabad is a crazy person. Please ignore him.

    • Mario You don’t know the Truth I do

      • You’re a certified crazy person and no one takes you seriously. You waste police time. You rant and rave online. If you had a valid message it would be lost in your rants, broken English and overly religious comments. The way your bring your message to people is the exact opposite of how someone should do it.

      • Mario I can see you can’t handle the Truth ,Ears that Can’t hear and Eyes that can’t see, you can say what ever you want but you still don’t know the Truth,do you feel Guilty about something Mario.

      • And another thing; You claim you are being harassed and censored yet YOU censor people on that two bit Facebook page you created where you throw out your conspiracy theories and religious zealotry. You are a religious hypocrite which is one of the worst forms of a hypocrite.

      • t always comes down to that. You claim anyone who calls you out for being a retarded religious spamming idiot as not being able to handle “the truth”. Shove what you think is the truth up your arse.

      • Really Mario you don’t want to know the Truth,you like being lied to by the Police and the Government that is your World and not mine in my World Truth matters and the Truth will be coming Out.

      • What truth??? You’ve been saying its coming out for DECADES now!!!! You don’t work. You’re a stay at home welfare loser with infinitely more time on his hand than the rest of us. If you had something to “reveal” you would have done it by now. Yo are obsessed with this Bernardo case because you want to cling to what you erroneously think is your 15 minutes of fame. There is no truth from your end. Claiming you have truth and claiming others don’t want to or can’t handle it is PURE insanity because you have never shown anything for us to “not handle”.

  61. i don’t really care whether karla murdered or aided. She clearly had as much to do with it as he did. She’s out, victims familys must be distraught. they both should have done life.

  62. Prove me Wrong Mario prove me Wrong and than tell me why did the Judge only give 10,000,00 when the reward was well over 100,000,00 and said to Benardo’s best friend you were not the One who gave the Tip that led the Police to Benardo,tell me than who was the person the Judge was talking about Mario

    • Prove you wrong about WHAT??? You have NOT revealed Jack Shit. You have posted nothing. NOTHING. NOTHING. You’re as useful as tits on a bull.

      You are right; I do not know you personally, thank the lord god. Because you are seriously deranged and those who do know you probably deny it publicly. I’ve seen enough of your crap online to make an informed decision about you; You are crazy and a religious hypocrite. I don’t have any side on this issue. I’m tired of seeing you spamming everything under the sun with your deranged nonsense.

      To summarize; You posted no “Truth”. You posted nothing, nada, zilch. There is nothing for me to deny, be scared of, oppose, speak out against, or whatever other insane theory you care to create out of thin air. I don’t care for you, your fake Lord, or your spamming. Stop! Then look around you. Then seriously consider what you are doing in life because its obvious that you’re wasting yours. Get your life in order!

      • It is obvious you know nothing of the Case to say I have shown nothing new to the People and you know what God Bless you in Jesus’s Name for you Mario and I hope you find the truth

      • And by the way you are wasting your time if you think I will stop Posting on facebook and wherever I can,Accept the Truth and Know the Lord lives.

      • You’re not posting anything! There is nothing to “accept”. You’re just spamming. I will hound you and get you banned from wherever I see you spamming.

      • Go ahead Mario like the Lord says Be still and Know I am the Lord and I will make your enemies your footstool,go to the Police go to the Courts go to the RCMP go wherever you like as you too are helping to get the Truth out Thank You Mario God Bless.

      • Get a job and a life!! You don’t speak for any faith. You’re nuts.

      • What Mario are you afraid of what you will find out, Go ahead with your threats, this is my purpose for living what is yours.

      • This is my last comment to you; You’re not an authority on any religion. You don’t have any “Truth” to reveal. If you did you would have done it by now. You have no purpose for life other than to be a crazy person people laugh at. You’re a hypocrite who claims people censor you yet YOU are censoring others on your facebook page. That means that YOU cannot handle what they have to say, not us. Go get some mental help.

      • Remember this Mario I am not you so I don’t act the same way as you do, I wait on the Lord and his Timetable and you say I don’t belong to any Faith well either did Noah belong to any group and what happened Mario did they listen No they did not and how about Joseph did he belong to any group no he did not belong to any Group he alone had Faith in the one true God where my Faith is and everything on my page can be Proven can you disprove what I am saying no you can’t and if you have been blocked it was only for your protection as like I said in the warning on that Page it is a true story and it belongs to God and if you speak against it you are speaking against the Holy Spirit who has directed my Path to put an end to their Rampage of Rape and Murder it was God who put them in Jail, Not the Police Or Karla, without me they had nothing, so be careful of what you say about me because I am speaking the Truth and I have no reason to Lie I just want the Truth Out once and for all, God Bless

      • LOL Mario, you’re as entertaining here as the game character who shares your name. You’re cool, whoever you are.

      • “You’re as useful as tits on a bull!” Hahahahaha yes that was awesome. So. Funny.

      • Magnotta used to spam thread about Homolka, too.

  63. And Mario you don’t know me and stop talking like you think you know me you don’t and you don’t what I have done in my Life,and I only came out last year and posted last Year so don’t me I have been saying this for Decades don’t change the Truth and if You are Mario which I highly doubt it seek the Lord while you can because you are speaking against the Truth and the Truth belongs to God.

  64. they both need to be torture to the fullest tha asshole paul +karla nees to die!

  65. real tough to beat up girls huh paul hope inmates rape you up the ass everyday for karla hell is watting for u bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. From what I read Karla was beaten all the time and she wasn’t directing much on camera.It was Pauls idea to film everything, women peeing for crying out loud. He beat her if she got anything wrong! no love note for the King he would beat her, she slept on the floor by the bed if he let her sleep at all. When he wasn’t smuggling she had to support them. She had to do everything he expected and if she missed one thing he beat her.
    I swear I would have gone psycho too if I had been beaten as often as she was. He pressured Karla to give him Tammy. He agonized over Tammy’s Death because Tammy was the virgin he had really wanted and he let Karla know it. She’s guilty of a lack of spine but lord knows what upbringing she really had. She was beaten all the time and should have let the girls go but it would have been another beating for Karla if she had.

  67. I think there are links from Manson/Studebaker/Kiaser-Sputnik,Russian baby killer /theater underground -may also have to do with the French Copper mine heirs death,kidnapping of Robin Wrights daughter,Buttermilk ski deaths,school extortions-International Criminal court is reviewing evidence

  68. For a supposedly informative story, this is such a biased one.


  70. Justice doesn’t always work the way it should anywhere or in all cases. Yes Paul was a huge rapist and deserves life in prison however if you check into Karla’s life before she met Paul you will see she was always a very sick individual. She was fascinated with death and and anything gross. I think she should have gotten life in prison as well and believe she was a lot more at fault for the deaths then Paul was. They were a sick pair and both deserve severe punishment and I too wish we here in Canada had the death penalty.

  71. So many interesting posts:) I wonder why we need to decide one of them more guilty than the other? Or believe that one must have been less culpable, or was coerced into acting as they did. Perhaps two evil people found each other. Both were there, and both could have acted to stop this. Both did terrible things, and both deserve to rot in hell. As far as I am concerned, neither of them represent men or women for me. I want to disown any connection to either of them, even based on sharing a gender with one of them. They were both culpable, and should both have received equal punishment.

  72. i think Karla really killed the girls or those victims, because deep inside her, it’s obvious that she felt jealousy every time Paul bring raped them. although she helped him, and she’s an accomplished, after paul got their virginity as what he always want, karla willingly killed them.

  73. There is no justice here she got always with murder n he is paying the price n not her it’s both of there cults she should of got life in prison along with him

  74. i watched the movie about this about 5 hours ago….and i must say that both of these monsters sicken me to the core. I really wish that both of them got the death penalty. however i do believe that it was paul who was killing the girls, not karla. she was a messed up chick blinded by love who would have done anything to keep this man safe. thats why she never went to the police, and continued to help him with what he did.i dont think she should be allowed to have children, and they should be with their dad or in custody of cps

  75. *sigh* ….so much ignorance here…
    The death penalty, carried out in any country, costs more than keeping someone imprisonned for life. It is also n easy “out” when you are facing 30+ yrs behind bars and not nearly punishment enough. Studies also show that e death penalty is NOT a deterrent. I say lock them both up for the rest of their lives and make them work to earn money that would go to some charity.
    Also,,,,, Karla’s ” deal with the devil” stipulated that it would be null and void should it be found that she was responsible for the death of any of the victims. She clearly was the one responsible for her sister’s death, so why did they not tear up the deal and lock her up too? Many have asked this question, but there have been no clear answers. It probably has to do with the cost that had already been spent on this trial, and to spare the embarrassment the police, lawyers, and others involved likely feel.
    Finally, no Canada’s justice system isn’t perfect, but it is far less fallible than the US system. I’d rather see a dozen guilty men go free, than one innocent mn be put to death. It’s also a waste of money and only serves to satisfy blood lust. Not very civilized, effective, or economically feasible.

    • Hello John S., my name is Audree, welcome to my Paul and Karla blog. I’ve had this blog up for a few years now and because most people have their minds made up about this case before they get here, I never, ever, respond to comments. But I have to admit, I’m intrigued by yours. When you say “so much ignorance here”, are you referring to the “hanging’s too good for ’em” sentiment that the Bernardo/Homolka case seems to invoke…or was that, perhaps, a poke at my writing skills? 🙂

  76. John S.:
    You wrote, “The death penalty, carried out in any country, costs more than keeping someone imprisonned (sic) for life.” Some substantiating references would be helpful. By the way, the cost of keeping someone imprisoned for life depends on his / her length of incarceration.

    Regarding the death penalty for Karla and Paul, I would think you would most likely be in favor of it, had any one of their three teenage victims been your sister or daughter. Do you think the parents of Leslie or Kristen can have some sense of final closure while any of them are still alive?! Try putting yourself in their parents’ shoes!

  77. While I don’t doubt it was an abusive relationship, Karla lacked one thing; an abusive childhood or background. Victims of abuse often don’t recognize abuse in relationships, because of that. Karla had a loving and supportive family and upbringing. All of Bernardo’s requests should have come across as quite shocking and disturbing, even to a victim of abuse. I think Karla is sorry she got caught. It was only after Bernardo beat her, she was compelled to turn him in. For everything that was done to the victims, she fully participated and was happy to do it, even with her own sister. Much of the tapes depicted a very devil may care attitude and callous indifference in Karla. All of it has been shocking to read, and what these victims went through. I don’t believe justice was served, certainly not with Karla; she fully deserved a life sentence. Then of all things, she earned a BA in Psychology. I would say, we just created a smarter psychopath. Even in her letter to her family, describing her involvement in her sister’s rape and murder. It was short and very nondescript, and ending with ‘xoxo’. I found it very chilling.

  78. I can’t believe I’ve just read a comment on here where someone said that Paul was ‘deviant but not a criminal’. Last time I checked rape was a CRIME! I’m sickened that there’s even a debate on which of them was worse, they are two twisted, evil individuals who deserve to rot in Hell!

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  80. Is there any up to date information about Karla Homolka? Where does she live and what is she doing?

    • I believe some rag news/magazine found her married and living in the Caribbean somewhere. She received a uni degree in prison. She served her time and there were no parole/security restraints put on her.

      This case reminds me of Charles Manson in some ways. Was there any evidence that Bernardo murdered the girls? How can you take the word of someone who ‘voluntarily’ gave up her sister and maybe even suggested the kidnappings of the girls? I can understand the thinking that Homolka was more involved in the deaths, this may be in part because she got of lightly and played a major role.

      Read some of the arguments about the US vs Canada justice systems and I laugh. If this crime happened in parts of the US (for example Cali) they would have at the most received LWoP. This is essentially what Bernardo received. There was a certain naivety in those days in Ontario, we are not, thank God, used to such heinous crimes. The lack of co-operation between police forces, the infancy of DNA testing, the utter stupidity by the police and the crown to actually give someone immunity without first having all the evidence in place and then not denying the plea on the basis of the Jane Doe rapes that she willingly participated and initiated. I remember thinking why not revoke the plea deal but then realizing that if you do that, no government will ever have that as a bargaining tool and sadly, that is what justice systems rely on at times, plea deals, in the US and Canada and beyond.

      Harper, have the courage to bring the death penalty to Canada. There are some cases, like this one, where I would personally pull the plug. Since that’s not going to happen, can we let Bernardo into General Pop? I’m sure he will enjoy the sadistic nature of some of his fellow roomies.

      We will never know what happened but pretty certain these two characters will burn in hell.

      • Sorry for the rambling, forgot to add some interesting points in the article about Tammy’s injuries and also the watch.

        I still can’t see her actually killing the girls unless he actually told her to. The raccoon eyes photo is a very powerful weapon in helping her case.

      • The idea that Canada is much less lenient on crime simply is not true.

        Canada has a mandatory minimum for murder. Life without the possibility of parole after 25 years.

        Not all states do the same. You can find instances of people in the states getting harsher punishments, and cases where people get much less harsh punishments.

        People are under the impression that Canada is soft on crime because the media reports on exceptional cases where people get off lightly. They don’t report on the plenty of cases where people get appropriate or harsh sentences. So, people get under the impression that the norm are these exceptional cases.

        If you look at the statistics and compare them with other 1st world nations, Canada is most definitely NOT soft on crime.

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  82. To be quite honest, although there is much evidence against Bernardo that he more involved with the crimes, I doubt he would actually kill his victims. He raped about 19, maybe more girls and harmed them when they fought but never went as far to kill any of them. The killings didn’t start until Karla. Maybe she wanted to be the perfect wife for him, and killed the girls out of jealousy. That seems more logical than anything. I don’t think Karla should be out of prison, but the world works in mysterious ways. And it’s sad what happened, but I don’t think it’s necessary to call her an animal, bitch, or any other derogative names. She maybe a sick and terrible person, but she doesn’t deserve the things you have to say about her.

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  85. Karla ended Tammy’s life with the administration of Halothane. There is video of her doing this. How she hasn’t breached the clause about her “being found to have stopped the breath of any of the three women…” is beyond me.
    When Bernardo was Id’d by law enforcement some of the rape victims reported to a victim’s advocate being followed by Bernardo after their assault, not knowing he was their assailant.
    This man never acting again, he certainly didn’t kill them on the off chance they might recognize him, just followed fantasizing about what he had already done (He wouldn’t even have sex with Karla after he had “had her”.). He would have done the same with the three dead girls if Homolka hadn’t killed them.
    Debbie Mahaffy spoke at my high school in the 90’s, under the guise of wanting to get serial killer collector cards taken off the market but really to mourn as publicly as she could. It was inappropriate for a teenage audience to witness that and the most disturbing thing I have seen in my all of 40 years. During the Q and A I asked her if it wouldn’t be better to try Bernardo and Homolka together and her answer was a resounding no. Nothing beyond that, just “No!”, making me later wonder if the deal saved the families a lot of pain by way of sitting through a second trial and try to reconcile to myself that perhaps it did.
    It’s not like the Crown is ever going to hold Homolka accountable to the terms of the deal.

  86. The Canadian news program did an excellent documentary on Karla Homolka; her involvement the plea deal, etc. in 1997. You can watch the whole thing here. She got off WAY to easy; she was as culpable as Bernardo

  87. This is the youtube link if you’re outside of Canada

  88. After watching the movie Karla i was actually siding with her. I honestly thought she was innocent, but after reading into it i don’t know if she really only killed her sister like she she claims she did. The reason why is because when Paul took Leslie she had already seen his face, so it wouldn’t make sense for him to blind fold her and then kill her when the blind fold came off,because as i mentioned before she had already seen him so i don’t think he would care if she saw him again. If he had been planning on killing her, he wouldn’t have blind folded her, he would have had her with out a blind fold
    At the same time i don’t want to say that Karla was the one killing the girls because although the murders didn’t start till Karla arrived, you have to keep in mind that Paul wasn’t kidnapping the girls before that he was only rapping them and in most of these cases he was sodomizing them which means that they weren’t necessarily looking at his face like Leslie and Kristen did.

  89. This is beautifully written. The author makes a solid case without drawing assumptive conclusions and then touting them as fact. We likely will never know which one physically murdered those girls but the preponderance of hard evidence shows Karla’s role as his accomplice in the rapes and abductions makes her every bit a practical instrument in their deaths and as culpable as he is. Put succinctly, Bitch be evil.

  90. Evil and sick to the core

  91. Shes just as bad

  92. Hello, my uncle is Murray Segal. I can’t remember much from the time when he was on this case… but I do have a few memories as a child of it. I would have been about 10. He was very disturbed by the case. I remember that he took over the front room of their house with paper and files and there was a tv and video tape player. I remember my aunt telling us to never go in there. I also remember hearing him talk on the phone to someone about “those damn tapes” when I was sleeping over, or maybe I was there late, but I know it was nighttime. He shut the door and my aunt told us to go upstairs while he was working.

    Whatever he saw changed him, and he was definitely never the same after the case. I know he didn’t want to give Karla the deal he did — I remember this because my mom explained to me one night that uncle Murray was working on the case I had read about in the paper (I was huge into reading newspapers as a kid) and how he had difficult decisions to make. I asked him about what my mum said and he said he had to make a deal with the devil – so that’s how I know that. I also remember asking him one time if what he was working on made him sad.. but I don’t remember the answer.

    I also remember him worrying about the case. I remember him at the kitchen table with my aunt and he was so upset he looked like he was crying a little, so even though Karla got a deal it isn’t as if the people involved in prosecuting and/or investigating were happy with the results either. I have no idea what was on those films…. but whatever it was it made him adamant about getting Bernardo locked up.

    • You should ask your Uncle why they felt they had to ban the Truth and give Karla a deal to not tell the Truth,,Read this and know there were more people involved that committed suicide..

      • The deal was given before the videos were seen, so they weren’t aware of how involved she was until the deal was made. The truth wasn’t banned. I read your site and most of this is about the police work not the prosecutors. The deal was approved by the families of the victims. They wanted Bernardo jailed for what he did without going to trial. Without her testimony they couldn’t have done that.

      • Did you not understand what I said they gave her a deal to not tell the Truth,, There were more people involved, why did they not tell the public the Truth how many people were really involved in the Abduction of Kristen French,,and why did they not want to tell the people how they got caught,,

  93. Well, guess who’s back in Canada with her 3 little kiddies!

  94. No way, are you kiddin’ me?

  95. Not kidding. People in Montreal are doing a jig, parents don’t want to send their kids to the school where Karla’s are enrolled.

    • Hi Samia L., I’m Audree, this is my blog. It’s rare that I respond to comments, I want people to feel free to voice their opinions about this case…but I am stunned by this news…thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it.

  96. You’re welcome. I happened upon this site of yours when I decided to look up Karla after hearing on the news how she’s baaa-aaack. Like a bad smell you can’t get rid of no matter what.

    I recall the trials as reported on tv news. Tammy was scarcely mentioned, to my memory. Her murder was just kind of tacked on.

  97. Of everything these two did, it’s Tammy’s death bothers me the most.

    • Me, too. At least where I live, all you hear about is the two other girls. Tammy? Nah. It was all an accident. She was a weakling and couldn’t handle the drug. Sheeeesh…

  98. Angry Canadian

    If she was truly repentant or even become aware of how her crimes affected and horrified so many, she would do everyone a big favour and retire to somewhere private for the rest of her life and contemplate everything she did, not try to reintegrate herself into decent society and dare to have an attitude about it too. My, how fast she called police for help when reporters flocked to her house. And ,my my, how nicely her present husband told neighbours and others if they didn’t like them then they should be the ones to move!

    Why bring 3 children into the world? Children of one of Canada’s most vile serial killers! Children of someone who sexually assaulted and killed her kid sister and two others. How are these poor, poor children going to cope with this as they get older?? What a slap in the face for the parents of French and Mahaffey whose children she and her ex-husband murdered.

    She will never deserve to live amongst decent people! Her entitlement shows she is still arrogant and has absolutely NO INSIGHT into how the world perceives her! Rot in hell.

  99. Rot in Hell.

    George Vreeland Hill

  100. of course, the article implies Karla was just feeble minded and was a victim. Watch the 5th column episode with her in it. It doesn’t show Karla in that victim of the system light when they show her in interview tapes and whatnot.

  101. I am disturbed totally by the existence of this filthy individual. Why do vile creatures like this always seem to get away with perpetuating evil? Why didn’t her ‘plea deal’ apply only if she was entirely truthful? Why do people keep referring to this shabby peroxide bint and her cohort as beautiful and charming? They are ugly, cunning, vile beasts! Check out her raggedy dirty pubes!

    It really angers me that a nasty thing like Karla should be allowed to be free. How dare this sket have children? This violator raped and murdered 3 girls! People have been executed for lesser deeds. She should never be allowed to forget her evil ways, every living moment of her life should be tinged with pain and suffering. It would be great if she was hunted down and eliminated. She has no right to any enjoyment in life.

    She is the epitome of that well known saying -‘There is no justice in the world!

    • I get your outrage, but what do her raggedy pubes have to do with anything or the fact that people have been executed for lesser deeds?

  102. I am wondering why you can’t seem to offer an explanation as to how a woman from a well-to-do nuclear, happy family ends up being a murderer all of her own demise. In fact, much of your speculationsd and correlations have no reference points, and much of it is completely at odds with everything else I have read about this case. I have been obsessed with this couple since they were first in the papers, possibly because I was the same age as the victims.

    For instance, I have major issues with someone who says a man raping 19 women but not killing a single one until his wife “comes into the picture” is somehow a clear indication of guilt on her part. For one thing, she was in the picture long before the deaths of the three girls. Holmoka worked at a vet clinic as an assistant; she wasn’t a veterinary assistant, helping out with anesthetizing animals. That requires a post-secondary education, which Bernardo wouldn’t allow her to have. She merely fed the animals and cleaned cages and kennels as well as reception.

    Meanwhile, Bernardo was peeping into bedroom windows and attempting to rape women when he was a teenager. He was verbally abused by his mother while growing up, and his father was sexually molesting an underage girl on an ongoing basis. He had delusions of grandeur, having racked up thousands and thousands of dollars of debt on credit cards while at the same time. He thought he was invincible, that cops were stupid and could never catch him. Considering he spent so much time stealing license plates and devising ways of getting around the illegalities of his cigarette smuggling business, it’s not unlikely he would go to great lengths to try and provide an alibi for himself after killing French.

    I’m not going to bother to read the rest of your blog, but I’m sure with your line of thinking there’s got to be an article claiming Elizabeth Smart wanted to be raped, beaten and held hostage for so many years too, just because she never bothered to run away. Such simple correlating.

    I used to think Holmoka was making shit up until I found myself in an abusive relationship with a textbook narcissistic psychopath for several years. What I’ve read of Bernardo parallels my ex’s ideals so well (he used to joke about raping and murdering women), it’s rather sickening. Now I see things in a completely different light.

    Abusive relationships start off so wonderfully, like the guy is the best thing to ever happen to you, a dream come true. My ex used to say we were cosmic twins, soulmates, and I believed him. They know how to push your buttons, and they do it easily since they are also pathological liars. Fast forward a few years and he’s picking me up by the arms, lifting me against a wall, throwing me on the floor, ignoring my screams of pain because it means he is in control. He hated all women, called them “fat pigs” or “whores” or “sluts”. He called his mom and sister bitches all the time. He also made me get rid of any pictures of myself with any other guy, and would ask me to write nice things about him on social media or say nothing but good things about him to my friends and family. I tried writing in my diary about how I felt so sad and lonely and just wanted to leave, and he found it…ripped out that page and made me write something about how great our relationship was. I was made to do things I didn’t want to do, because if I didn’t I knew I would end up getting punished in some way, including leaving him. It didn’t help that he said he was a world-class hacker and I found out he had been stalking me online for some time before making contact with me (lying about it, of course). I had been trying to get away from him for several years. I was lucky in that my coworker called the police after he threw me across the room and punched me in the face and I wandered to work while in shock. I couldn’t seem to get rid of him no matter what I tried, and I had turned to drinking in an effort to numb myself when with him.

    The mental abuse never stops, really. It’s been 10 years and I still cower if I think my now-husband is angry over something, although I know he would never dream of hitting me and rarely gets angry. The sad thing is, nobody actually understands unless they’ve been there. NOBODY.

    • I am very sorry, but i think it is always not so simple. Karla knew from the very early into relationship that this man is a rapist, yet she continued to date him.
      Karla wasn’t scared victim, she was smart and calculating. She played all her cards right to save herself. Read more on the case and you’ll know.

    • Karla Homolka was a bad seed. That’s it. Some people are born evil no matter how nice their families are.

  103. Minor comment: Scarborough is not a suburban area of Toronto. It is most definitely a part of urban Toronto

  104. Don’t get with all the long comments, they both deserve what the victims families say, that’s fairest, ok I doubt they would forgive and let them free but if the mahaffys and the French’s wanna dish out some pain so be it, it happened to them not you, I’d torture both of them and let the world watch

  105. Concerned Individual

    That seems to be incredible.
    Karla certainly was the killer and Bernardo the rapist.

    Justice is not served.

    And Karla has a baby after leaving prison?

  106. They should both have received the naximum sentence permitted by law. Legally, it doesn’t matter which ine of these pathetic mooks physically committed the murders. Under the feliny murder laws, both are equally guinty for a death which results from the commission of a felony. Kidnapping is a felony and I’m sure there are other felonies ibvolved in what they did. Why was Bernardo not convicted of any of the rapes that DNA and his own admissions proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed?

    • They could have convicted him of the rapes after the murder convictions and then tried to get The Court to order his rape sentences to run consecutively, making it even more unlikely that the maggot would ever see the light of day.

  107. Not only is she free, and now a mother, but is allowed to volunteer at her child’s school around other peoples children.

  108. Monte McMurchy is also a psychopath

  109. Who is Monte McMurchy ?

  110. I totally agree….i believe paul is guilty 100…he terrorized women for years, taking from them something I could never imagine, something they all live with each day….for that alone he deserves to be in prison for life….but karla…she makes me sick…my only solice in her being free is i believe strongly she will reap what she sows…she is a terrible person..

  111. Excellent post. Anyone interested in a more in-depth exploration in Karla’s culpability in the crimes should check out Stephen Williams’ excellent books on the case, ‘Invisible Darkness’ & ‘Karla: A Pact With the Devil.’ (According to Amazon, he also has a newer ebook of his prison correspondence with Karla.) Also there are some videos on YouTube featuring excerpts of Karla’s cross-examination by Bernardo’s defense attorney, John Rosen during the trial that make it clear that she was nobody’s victim.

  112. That 2014 photo of Paul is actually of a man named Mark Marek. Also Canadian but not the same guy. Just a heads up

  113. @Lori. I wonder why he (Mark Marek) is being represented as Bernardo.

  114. I know Karla was just as guilty as Paul. But I must admit,i’m kind of disgusted that it seems like you’re trying to defend this monster,I mean fuck!

  115. This was absolutely well written.
    You’re right.
    It’s not over, not if I can help it.
    Leslie, Kristen, Tammy…..agree.

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