Canada’s Clockwork Orange, Paul Bernardo

According to Anthony Burgess, author of A Clockwork Orange, his anti-hero, Alex, is “a creature who can only perform good, or evil…he has the appearance of an organism, but is in fact only a clockwork toy to be wound up by the almighty State.”  Today, in his always lit and always guarded 8′ x 4′ solitary isolation cell, a security camera belonging to Correctional Services Canada keeps a video record of Paul Bernardo’s every twitch or sigh, and in his present circumstances, Bernardo is not so wholly different, from Alex.

Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo met in 1987, when he was 23 and she was 17. They married in 1991, six months after they raped and killed Karla’s sister, Tammy, and two weeks after abducting, raping and killing 14- year-old Leslie Mahaffy. The following year in April of 1992, 15-year-old Kristen French was the next young lady unlucky enough to cross paths with the Bernardos, and her fate would be the same as that of Tammy Homolka, and Ms. Mahaffy.

Bernardo and Homolka videotaped themselves sexually assaulting Ms. Mahaffy and Ms. French, and Karla’s sister, Tammy, but a three months-long evidence search of Paul and Karla’s home would fail to produce those tapes. Nothing tied Paul Bernardo to the murders except Homolka’s word, and Homolka claimed to be an abused wife forced to comply with the perverted wishes of her husband. In exchange for testifying against her partner-in-crime, Karla Homolka received two concurrent twelve year sentences, for manslaughter.

Eight months before Bernardo’s trial began, however, the prosecution came into possession of the videotaped evidence, and no longer needed Homolka’s testimony to convict Paul Bernardo. Still the Crown would not revoke the plea bargain, which was widely denounced as “the deal with the devil.”

Shortly after his trial Paul Bernardo was declared a “Dangerous Offender”, a designation which allows the Crown to indefinitely extend his original 25-year prison term.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Ludovico Technique, a form of aversion therapy combining violent, sexual images with nausea-inducing drugs, in A Clockwork Orange the ruling political party gathers an assortment of government workers and officials in an auditorium. They watch as Alex, who has recently suffered through this two-week “treatment” program, is baited and assaulted by State-hired actors.

Alex’s only real protector is the prison chaplain, and the chaplain is appalled by this display; he rises to his feet and cries: “Choice. The boy has no real choice, has he?…He ceases to be a wrongdoer. He ceases also to be a creature capable of choosing….if a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man.”

Unless Paul Bernardo is linked to acts of terrorism we’re additionally unaware of, the United States would never have gone to the lengths Canada has to incarcerate him safely. His present circumstances are the culmination of Canadian law and order thinking; the Crown can assure its people that Paul Bernardo lives somewhat comfortably but under constant guard. It isn’t like those dangerous American prisons, they can say, and Bernardo suffers no evil there, with one exception: the ideal of liberty, lionized in pre-and post 9/11 America, is woefully lacking in Canadian penological thought.

In America, our concept of liberty and the role of government are inextricably bound. If we feel a right’s been denied us, we will civil disobedience our way into getting that right, regardless whether we have any idea what to do with it. We are a nation of children, we think simply, like children, and our country was born of scapegoats, and bluff-callers and rebels.

From Canada’s law and order perception, the United States is far too lenient with its prisoners, too lax in its ability to curtail their movement. If Jeffrey Dahmer had been a Canadian prison inmate, he would most certainly be alive today. While American popular opinion might regard Dahmer’s murder as none too great a loss, Correctional Services Canada would have regarded it as an enormous loss, to the morale of Canadian corrections officers, that is: there has not been a death by violence in a Canadian prison since 1971.

The United States has no comparable record. Jeffrey Dahmer chose to make his bed in the general population, and roamed the halls performing janitorial duties with no hue and cry from anyone about the inevitable outcome of such a loose arrangement. The emphasis is on liberty in America, and liberty is choice; perhaps choosing death-by-inmate isn’t prison policy, but it is liberty, in any state of the Union.

Having served her complete 12-year sentence for two manslaughter charges, Karla Homolka left prison in 2005; when the hullabaloo over Homolka sounded up again, with it came a tilt of the head back at Bernardo, whose current lawyer, Tony Bryant, stated, “Paul Bernardo is anxious to speak with the media, and re-assert what he has always maintained: Karla Homolka was responsible for the deaths of Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French.” It is an altogether reasonable request by American standards. But not by Canadian ones, as Donna Marrin, the Warden for Kingston Prison for Men responded, “Correctional Services Canada does not at this time feel media attention for Paul Bernardo would be in his or the institution’s best interests.”

Under that restriction, it’s as well as not that inmate Bernardo was clinically diagnosed in ’94 as a malignant narcissist. By holding himself in such high esteem, he wouldn’t make an attempt to cheat the Crown and “snuff it”, and it’s only a bit of tangle for those of us given to thinking about such things that malignant narcissist Paul Bernardo has, for the last 15 years, been in the custody of a facility purporting to be ”correctional”.

When asked if the prisoner had, or was currently receiving any treatment or therapy such as that well afforded to Homolka, the official forthcoming answer was, “this is a non-issue for inmate Bernardo”, and some think all of this is still far more than is deserving; each year, Canada spends roughly $125, 000 for Paul Bernardo’s care and feeding, and he has a television, writing materials and books to read. More than once it’s been suggested he should think upon his evil ways, and suffer, and only a certain indelicacy prevents me from pointing out it’s not likely that he would, being an untreated malignant narcissist.

“If a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man”, the Padre in A Clockwork Orange says, so assuming the Kingston Prison for Men isn’t conducting zoological studies, the Crown spent over $11, 000, 000 of the taxpayer’s money to arrange the slow but sure entombment of enemy of the State Paul Bernardo; if anyone’s of the opinion Paul Bernardo has it too good, I suggest they try spending a week locked in a small closet with a light bulb over their head.

A 2006 newspaper article quotes a former Bernardo guard as saying during her time on that watch, “Paul was always cheerful.” Perhaps I am the only one much heartened by that news, but like the prison chaplain in A Clockwork Orange, I would also have to ask how much choice he has.

He has ceased to be a wrongdoer. He ceases also to be a creature capable of choosing; barred from speaking publicly about his case since two years before he was convicted, confined ’til death inside his always lit and always guarded 8′ x 4′ solitary isolation cell, for the last 15 years Paul Bernardo has maintained the appearance of an organism.

But in truth, he is Canada’s clockwork orange.

32 responses to “Canada’s Clockwork Orange, Paul Bernardo

  1. Insightful… I am enjoying your blog immensely!

  2. Excellent reporting.I loved the closing line.

  3. you all might hate my guts but i actually think this guy is more innocent than karla

  4. I think Paul seems more innocent than Luka and Karla and I Do Love Paul

    • youre disgusting

      • A malignant narcissist being alone with no attention/admiration and ability to control others is torture for him. The cameras on 24/7, reported media and his lawyer probably give him a shot in the arm of being the center of attention, though. If he was put in population, he might just manipulate the situation and gain the doses of attention he needs and more than likely try to bully weaker inmates to satisfy his sadism. If he became a jailhouse ‘bitch’ after being beaten up or ‘taken’ a few times, he would probably somehow make that work for him with a male version of Karla. If anyone believes in the afterlife, like I do, these people will be made to account and pay and be made conscious enough to experience soul death for eternity.

  5. you have no clue what youre writing about. research and check facts!
    people are killed in jail all the time in canada…. most recently an inmate at the don jail was stomped to death over a bag of potato chips.

  6. I don’t believe a ‘malignant narcissist’ can be treated successfully, if not caught between ages 2 and 7 before the personality is formed.

  7. @Mike – well, who am I to argue (I was giving an opinion, not really researching like I’m writing a paper), I wouldn’t mind seeing Paul in that situation, I’m sure we’d all throw a bloody party. Like Scott Peterson here in the states, he’s a psychopathic survivor and would do ANYTHING to survive general population, even get a big boyfriend to serve and protect him. Brave Paul begged to be in solitary confinement as I remember hearing cause he was afraid of being raped. I guess that was part of the plea, damnit. I wonder if Karla and maybe Paul read these? I know his phantom ‘lady-friend’ Crystal Teale does, lol. Karla and Paul, if it was legal, I’d beat both your asses with a baseball bat with no problem (and much worse), if it was LEGAL. F* professionalism – this is for those blessed, poor girls they destroyed. I’d like to see you in jail in Russia, you don’t even get air to breathe there, they pack you in 80 to a cell and you live like a rabid rat fighting for food and water.

  8. Karmas a Bitch!

    The Canadian Justice system has failed our country beyond belief and the families and loved ones of all the people they hurt including people I am sure we have not heard about. Karla is no doubt equally as responsible as Paul and should have recieved the same fate! Once any footage surfaced the plea bargain should have been destroyed… I have read books and articles over the years and watched many news broadcast andeverything I have read/heard proves she is just as much responsible. the fact that she lives free and not even in this country is disgusting, not only that but she is raising 3 children of her own! We are asking for more psychopaths and killers! She showed no remorse to those girls and was a willing participant and being an abuse victom is bull… she was the one that got the drugs to drug her sister which ended in her death. She had many chances to alert authorities and save their lives and never tried…. she helped to lure them in and took part in the rapes and murders! Justice has not been served to those girls and their loved ones and i can only hope that saying karma’s a bitch is true and i would not want to be Paul nor Karla when it catches up to them! All you Paul or Karla lovers in my opinion deserve the same fate and i hope before you have a chance to do any wrong some kind of fate sweeps in and takes you out before you get the chance. I would love to see an eye for an eye and them to go through what they inflicted on those girls however to do so you are creating another kind of pshychopath… so let fate and karma take there role, wether its in this life or the next they will get what they have coming to them!

  9. Karmas a Bitch!

    its also discusting to hear how much this is costing our system expecially considering the state of the economy

  10. He’s not even worth the little air he breathes to be alive.

  11. …And…Karla’s an evil PIG who deserves nothing but HELL. Pray for her children, she may abuse them.

  12. well i have been doing a little research on this topic as i am doing this for a high school assignment. based on the information given to me on the resources i have gathered, this man, paul Bernardo is more guilty than Karla, though she is just as sickening, having encouraged him, this man is something as a result due to his family growing up with a depressed mother and a father of the same habit, so i find that he went through just the right aspects to turn in to the cold monster he did. i believe that there is no chance that they should walk the streets safely, as justice, i mean proper justice, will be brought if they ever walk out side of a prison wall. Paul Bernardo is constantly in solitary confinement due to this issue, for he is not safe form anybody at anytime because he is sickening to the world. just as Karla.

  13. If you were doing correct research you would find that most doctors who examined both Karla and Paul, would say Karla was more of a psychopath. Yes, Paul is a rapist, but NONE of the killings happened until Karla was involved. Karla REFUSED the lie detector test, which would have proved she was MUCH MORE willing to do the things she did then she portrayed.

    • I. Harbor no sympathy for either person because I honestly think they fueled each other. I believe that both had mental issues and when together they could validate their twisted ideas of the world. But to say one is less guilty than the other is ludicrous. Karla wasn’t chained to paul. Paul wasn’t being manipulated by karla. They each used each other to satisfy some sick compulsion inside of them.

  14. I also believe Karla was the one who murdered those two girls and not Paul. Why? Strangling a victim breaks the small bones in the neck. When both girls’ necks were examined during autopsy those bones were inexplicably found intact. Leslie had no visible means of death but Paul stated that Karla overdosed her on the same drugs that killed her sister. I would tend to believe him because Karla admitted knocking Leslie out with those drugs, stating that it was because she didn’t want her to feel pain during the killing. I personally believe it was because she needed an explanation as to why those drugs may have been found in her system. I believe Paul was going to release her, but Karla did not want to take the chance of anything interfering with her upcoming dream wedding. That was her sole motivation…she didn’t want to risk getting caught.

    In Kristen’s case, Paul stated that she had been tethered by the neck to a handle of the hope chest in the bedroom and Karla was guarding her with a mallet while he went out to get food. He returned to find that she had been beaten to death by Karla and choked herself…maybe trying to dodge the blows…on the chain. Karla explained that she had tried to escape. The autopsy found (again) that the neck bones were not broken…which you would see during strangulation…but there were signs of asphyxiation. In addition, she had been beaten in the face with a blunt object. Under oath, Karla could never provide an explanation as to where and when the bruises on the face occurred. My belief is that in the case of Kristen, Paul intended to keep her indefinitely as a sex slave. He had no plans to kill her, but he did intend to keep her.

    Personally, I do have way more sympathy for Paul then for Karla. He is (was? he does claim to be rehabilitated) a very sick man who was a slave to his own compulsions. Karla, however, is a horse of a different breed. She will kill anyone who stands in the way of even her most frivolous of desires. She is the true psychopath here. I also have sympathy for him because it is not fair that she was released to be able to marry and reproduce while he rots in prison. Don’t get me wrong, he’s where he belongs. His sickness is such that he can never be trusted in society again. But certainly she belongs in prison forever too.

    And as for “Karma’s A Bitch” honestly, I think you’re as sick as anyone else you’re pointing the finger at, and no, I don’t believe Paul and Karla will end up in hell. I think God loves them as much as He loves you or I or anyone else. He understands why they did what they did, and He will forgive them. Who knows, maybe He’ll give them another life to make up for the evil they committed in this one.

    I’m put in mind of the killer John List, who murdered his entire family, then escaped to live a normal life, marrying again, until he was recognized on America’s Most Wanted. During an interview he stated that he looks forward to death because then he’ll finally be reunited with his loved ones…the ones he murdered. The interviewer asked how he thinks they would feel about being with him. He responded that they’d be glad to see him, because they missed him and they love him and they’ll understand why he did what he did and they forgive him for it. I actually cried, I was so moved, because I was thinking of my own dead father. There was nothing he could ever have done that I would not have forgiven, and perhaps the Lists feel the same way about him. And perhaps that’s the way God feels as well.

  15. I wish Canada would send Paul to the States. Unfortunately most of American (even people like me who on the American side of Lower Niagara) are unaware of these evil people. Things like this don’t happen in Canada. If they put Paul in Riker’s Island, he’d be tortured to death. Instead Canada chooses to spend its money on “nothing”.

  16. Ehhh I hate to tell you but you’re in NY? Yeah, he’d probably be out by now. Google Arthur Shawcross. Killed and tortured two kids in the seventies. He did time in the prison in Fishkill and then was considered rehabilitated and released in 1990. He got run out of several places in NY with his lady friend…Delhi, Binghamton…before he settled in Rochester. Where he then started killing prostitutes. I think he got about twenty before they nabbed him. The reason they never even looked at him for the murders was they’d never known a pedophile to switch MO and type of victims before. Every country LIKES to think we deal with these issues better. None of us really know how to deal with them effectively. Chances are really good that had he been nabbed in NY, he’d have gotten out of prison already. He’s cute, he has a sob story (messed up childhood) and there’s a question about whether or not he actually murdered the girls or if it was his equally evil wife. From all accounts too he knew how to manipulate people really well also. Yeah, he MAY have gotten the death penalty say if he committed the murders in Florida…but that electricity isn’t cheap, either. To myself, I have to wonder if it’s worse to be dead, or be alive and locked up in a tiny cell watching through your TV screen as society moves on without you. He’s never been on the internet, never sent a text, he can’t go to the beach, or go for a run, or even stretch his legs more than an hour a day. Can’t drive a car or go on a date or do any of the ten thousand things we take for granted as part of life. That has to be hell on earth. And his wife deserves to be there with him.

  17. I highly disagree. Just because you love your country doesn’t mean your country’s ideas or ways are right or the only way to do things. It’s Canada’s criminal and they deal with him how they see fit. Lay off it. The fact that he is isolated is a marvelous punishment for someone who has a serious narcissistic complex. And like I said, your ways not the only way. Americans.

  18. Okay, Kristen…I was agreeing with you until your snide little finish. With that you made yourself a hypocrite and just as guilty of the same kind of ethnocentricism that you’re accusing the writer of having. Good job. And btw, just because ONE American feels that way doesn’t mean we all do, and last I checked, the United States and Canada were BOTH in America so that makes both of them Americans, no?

  19. brooke petito

    Everybody acts like Paul Teale’s crimes are so very terrible and yes, I do understand what he did was not right but honestly, i’ve seen much worse rape cases than this. Like, he only captured two girls. I’ve learned about rapists who have abducted many more than Paul and did way worse things to them. My opinion is, Paul would’ve never been involved in murder if he hadn’t met Karla and same thing the other way around. I honestly feel bad for Paul.

    • Denise Cusack

      I’m going to address the elephant in the room. There were no murders until Karla – additionally – who the hell is Crystal Teale? I’m in my mid 30’s & was about 12 when I was first made aware of this case; one of the many cases that made me chose law enforcement as a career. Working in the system I have ran “Crystals name through every data base and received zilch. I am now retired but I do believe Karla’s jealousy was the catalyst for the death of those unfortunate girls whose lives were taken. There is a serious human rights issue here that Karla lives in the Caribbean with a husband & 3 kids & Paul lives in ” what we call administrative segregation” in the US. Kudos to the author of this blog- very insightful. In closing I live with a man who suffers from NPD – he’s a handful but with a Masters in Psychology & a bachelor’s in Criminology – we haven’t had a fight since well……never. He can get a bit annoying from time to time : )

  20. Cyrus Barnaby

    I think Crystal Teale is a fan girl that has fantasies about marrying Paul, since he changes his last name to Teale.

  21. To Brooke Petito: You feel sorry for Paul? That’s your right, of course, but your argument that “Paul only killed two girls” is specious. How many would he and Karla have murdered had Karla not gone to a lawyer? (I’m not giving her credit; she only did it because he beat her up, and even then her family had to drag her out of the house.) The man was an incredible sadist, who physically and verbally brutalized and degraded every woman he raped and/or murdered. Bernardo is a sadist and a malignant narcissist, and any remorse he may voice now is only a psychopath’s attempt to game the system. I don’t know if it was Bernardo or Homolka who ultimately ended the lives of those two beautiful young women, and I don’t particularly care. And the “Bernardo never murdered anyone until he met Homolka” can easily be turned around to read, “Homolka never killed anyone until she met Bernardo.” They were two toxic beings who should BOTH still be in prison.

  22. Cyrus Barnaby

    I agree, except Karla didn’t go to a lawyer after he beat her up. She went after being interviewed by police once DNA identified Paul as the Scarborough rapist. They asked her about the Mickey Mouse watch on her wrist. It belonged to her sister, but since Kristen French had a Mickey Mouse watch when she was abducted, Holmolka knew the police were onto them an figured she’d better start covering her ass. She did call the police on Paul after being beat up to report him for smuggling cigarettes but never turned him in for something that could implicate her.

  23. Look, Paul is right where he belongs, but Karla should be in the cage next to him. She got 12 years, that by all accounts were more or less like a summer camp. I heard she was released on an UNESCORTED pass to GET HER NAVAL PIERCED! Canada does not have a justice system, it has a legal system that is whatever P.C. lawyers and politicians say it is.

  24. Paul is my every single thought. He is the one I love and, will love for eternity. It is my belief Paul is a different person now and, feels deeply troubled by what he did. I am aware that he is engaged and, currently taken but, I don’t really care. He consumes my mind more than half of the day, everyday, and will for years to continue. I hope he gets parole in 2018 and, I wish him very much luck. With all my love, Brooklyn Jamie.

  25. Idk there. Apparently he told his betrothed that he was innocent and did nothing wrong. Not exactly the behavior of someone who is remorseful and deeply troubled by his actions.

  26. Margaret Gorrell

    Yes They are experimenting on our prisoners in Canada with the use of drugs. still. They are fucking with our children whilst out of jail so they can then, sit in jail for however long they are required. They are fucking with Bernardo, Williams, Singh and Hebert just a few names in N. America. If you are a prisoner and you happen to be lucky enough to leave prison, the monitors (watch tower) will be able to sit on you and watch your every move. YOU MIGHT BECOME USABLE AGAIN AT SOME POINT. I have a friend who is carrying a Rogue plate in his/her head that is only detectable when the church that uses him / her gets its fat ass off of it with a ‘Cabet’ plate that they also have use of. I just call it that. This is the plate or (mat) they might imbed in a man who is in line for the papacy. Catholics like to keep an eye on their future popes. I wonder how the powers that be manage to monitor the masses. Perhaps they can fuck with us by using the computer via satellite computer to plates imbedded at birth. They gave my friend one because of his / her premature birth. A life saved!
    Here is what I have as a suggestion. For instance, Paul Bernardos friend Van Smirnis is underreported….find more info and report it to your local watchtower (pinhead) Anything related to the prisoners who are used out of their 8 x 10 for the purpose of infiltrating the information of the masses in order to oppress… If your lost you can look and you will find me…time after time….Inquire within

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