Happy Birthday, Paul Bernardo

There was nothing abnormal about Marilyn Bernardo’s thirty-nine week pregnancy. Paul Kenneth was a twenty-inch-long, eight-pound-ten-ounce bouncing baby boy. But the huge black mark covering the entire left side of his head was grotesque. His mother cried out with horror the first time she saw him…

‘This one is not the least bit affectionate’, Marilyn wrote in her diary.

She described her youngest child as ‘very selfish and stubborn.’

By age two and a half Marilyn discovered Paul couldn’t talk. ‘Stammers a lot’, Marilyn dutifully noted.

As it turned out, Paul’s tongue was attached to his palate by a strange flange of skin, like the webbing on a duck’s foot. Once his parents realized he was literally tongue-tied, he was thoroughly examined…all they had to do was snip the duck’s webbing, but in the meantime his inability to communicate caused him considerable frustration.

Then one day, shortly after he started grade ten, for no reason he ever understood, his mother stormed into his room, threw a photograph of a man on his bed and told Paul he wasn’t who he thought he was at all. He was not Ken Bernardo’s son, he was really this man’s son.

She said he was a bastard and that he might as well get used to it.

Paul Bernardo’s accomplice, and ex-wife, Karla Homolka, was the sole witness against him at this trial; she was released from prison in 2005, after serving a 12-year sentence for manslaughter. Today, she has a child, and lives somewhere in the Caribbean with her new husband.

Bernardo has always maintained that while he is guilty of rape, it was Homolka who committed the murders. His defense says, endocrinological testing exists that could determine the veracity of his claim.

On the grounds that he was wrongfully convicted of first-degree murder, in 2005 Bernardo used the last of his appeals in a petition to the Court to assume the costs of lab testing, roughly $50, 000. The Court determined funds did not exist for “such an exercise”.

Between 1992 and 1995, the Canadian government spent over 11 million dollars to apprehend, capture and convict Paul Bernardo.

The cost of housing, clothing and feeding him in solitary confinement is roughly $125, 000 a year.

Paul Kenneth Bernardo was born on August 27, 1964; he is 46 years old today.

Happy Birthday, Paul.

70 responses to “Happy Birthday, Paul Bernardo

  1. i hope they are stickin huge cocks in his ass and ripping his anus all up inside. Make him bleed guys!

  2. Mag,
    You’re different from either Paul or Karla, how exactly?

    Oh, perhaps you ARE Karla? Either way, I suggest getting some therapy. And a conscience.

    • Ex-prison guard

      Mag wants this Bernando to get a taste of his own medicine courtesy of the BIG BERTHA ‘S on the cell block that would be too happy to oblige him.

    • i do not know,for some reason karla H makes me feel worse////she is a so called ‘woman’ maybe he wanted a woman to stop him,instead the silly cow encouraged him even more.12 years??

  3. Ex-prison guard

    I would rather tell the poor girls he raped and helped murdered happy birthday. But we can’t due to the dark ,sick, dememted life Bernando once led. He was so selfish he had no regard for life. Thank God he did not get the chance to help create other little fiendish monsters like himself. You better thank God for solitary confinement. If you ever were allowed in open population I guarantee one or more of those convicts o life sentence with nothing to lose and despise selfish pretty boys like yourself would be glad to work you over for free while you scream like a BITCH. Prisoners just love to hate pretty boys who get special treatment and are convicted of crimes against the defenseless, children.

  4. When we are children we are afraid of monsters. Then when we become parents’ we try to convince our kids “monsters” don’t exist, that is inherently and grossly misleading. Paul Bernardo is the worst kind of monster and I am not a violent person but I would love to see him in general population, to me, and I’m sure many, that would be justice.

    • I agree Stephany…do not think i am standing up for paul.


  5. He’ll get his…karma is waiting, patiently!

  6. Aug.27th/12 Happy Birthday to Mr.Paul Jason Teale Lots of love from me and all your groupies and kars too xoxo ~Crystal Teale~

  7. Kevininvancouver

    Paul really isn’t that of a guy – just a young buck out having a bit of fun. Those girls deserved much of what they got as far as the rapes went. As for the murders, well that was just a little too much but we all make mistakes don’t we. I’m looking forward to when he gets parole so I can have a couple beers with the guy.

  8. I find it sickening that people are wishing him happy birthday, or lots of loves from these sick and twisted groupies, and especially applauding what he did and wishing to have a beer with him. You two are complete disgraces to society and you deserved to be in the cell next to him.

  9. I do believe that it was Karla that did the killings…So many people don’t know or care to read the details…Like with Tammy Paul was asleep for 45 minutes or more before Karla (who was alone with her sister) woke him up saying something was wrong…I think she was jealous and killed these girls because of it..Yes, Paul is a rapist but I don’t think a killer.He has always stuck to his story and there is a reason SHE WON’T take a polygraph. Another things I think proves he didn’t do it is he actual gave himself the same amount by drink and on a cloth of the sedative that Karla gave Tammy just to feel a little of what she went through.Also, the famous picture of Karla’s beating…he beat he because everytime it was close to the date of what happen to Tammy he would become inconsolable..He finally asked her why she didn’t and she said “it not that devasting to me as it is to you” Now I ask you who do you think did the killings??? Both sick but I do believe only 1 is a murderer.

    • allie….i am with you there,followed this case since it broke….she is one stern,clever woman who played the battered wife card to death….i agree with you.Paul was violent but i also think she murdered those girls.

      • She clearly incurged his discusting acts, she’s a sick fuck SHE will get hers.. She will once the right person gets there hands on her, law isn’t the only thing she has too worry about, she’s probably breeding 3 new serial killers like why hasn’t CAS gotten involed my sister gets her kids taken away for nothing and this girl gets to keep her kids and live vida la live like fuck her and fuck Casey anthony!

      • Paul’s. An idiot don’t get me wrong. But I agree with u guys on this. I think Karla initiated the killings. And to be honest I think Paul finished it off. I read a book on the case can’t remember the name it was months ago… But what I do remember reading was Karla’s statements. In one part she claims Bernardo dismembered Leslie mahaffy and later told Karla about the details. Cracking jokes about the way the body slumped an how hard it was to cut thru certain pieces… Which brought me to a movie called true romance one of James gandolfini’s first roles. He’s talking about killing people he was a low profile mobster in this movie and he says “the first one I threw up, you believe that? Now I just do it to see their expressions change” Jeffrey dahmer same thing… After he killed his first victim he puked, and then drank, puked and then drank some more… How could someone kill someone and be joking about it…. Especially if it’s their first victim… And don’t give me the BS and say he was evil or whatever. That’s not how it went down. But the more a prosecutor looks and goes in depth into a case like that the easier it is to make mistakes. I believe she killed them. And Paul finished the dirty work. Leslie was dismembered. Why wasn’t Kristen? Ever wonder that? And again don’t give me the BS an say they didn’t have time. And why only those 2? Excluding Tammy she was an accident in Paul’s eyes. So why couldn’t he stick to raping and releasing? That’s because psycho hoes beast was involved…

  10. I have zero sympathy for Paul Bernardo. Anyone who does should read the details of what he did to Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy. I don’t enjoy feeling hatred towards anyone, but Bernardo…ech. He deserves what he gets.
    To kevininvancouver: anonymity is a glorious thing for people like you, isn’t it? I’d love for you to say what you wrote here to the people who knew any of the victims of these two psychopaths. Of course, you wouldn’t have the stones, because you’re just a cowardly troll. And to “Paul’s groupie”: girl, get some therapy before it’s too late for you.

  11. I do love mr. Paul jason teale and i plan on being his wife and the canadian doreen. I also think karla is the one that killed the three girls cause when you think of it shes the one that drugged them. And karla is far more guilty than paul is.

    • get yourself to a psych ward asap you crazy sicko. fucking lunatic!

    • I just hope for the sake of humanity this is fake. Who on God’s Green Earth would ever want to even look at him again? I live in Kingston – just a 5 minute drive from Kingston Penn….. He’s so close to me and it sickens me.

    • You must be intimately acquainted with him since he’s in solitary confinement, dear. Why don’t the ugly killers get groupies? God knows how Paul looks now…or will look. You need to acquire attention in a more normal fashion.

    • Are you his apparent fiance or, just one of his groupies? And why exactly do you think Karla is guilty? First off, making accusations without any evidence makes me think your only saying this because you like Paul. And there is plenty of evidence supporting either one of them committed the murder. We can’t possibly know who did what until one of them actually decides to come clean which, is probably not going to happen.

  12. to kevininvancouver: there’s a saying birds of the same feathers flocks together, could it be that you have the same feathers that you even wished to flocked and flip flop your feathers with that animalistic, beasts of a rapists murderer? just to think that you admire his doings could really make me feel sick…how can a normal with a good moral within him applause what he did? not unless you had tried a bit his own dose? fuck your soul!

  13. I love mr.paul jason teale forever

    • what the fuck is wrong with u, i hope your an attention seeker because Paul will doesnt enjoy consensual sexual acts so have fun getting raped and drugged and killed you silly poor girl

  14. I hope Paul Bernardo gets ass raped every day of his life. If I was a prison warden I would hold ass raping contests & pay the inmate who did the most damage to Bernardo w/o killing him. Worthless scum wasting taxpayers money. Fuck him to hell.

    • I wonder how much more therapists we need in the world to get rid of people like you. If you go about with your “ass raping contests” doesn’t that make you just like Bernardo? If your not already aware, Paul is serving a life sentence. Is that not good enough? Your honestly underestimating it if you think he needs to be in an “ass raping contest”. And what sick mind would even come up with that as a punishment?

  15. Karla Homolka is living as Leanne Bordelais (also goes by “Emily”) in Guadeloupe with Her husband Thierry Bordelais & 3 children and runs an online children’s apparel store, selling diapers etc. It’s called BebeDouceur.

  16. Happy birthday Paul love yours truly crystal ryan

  17. i think karlas beatten eyes were a mind game she played on paul so she could get off in court shes like a crock but has proof i bet she cumed in pleasure while he beat her up with that magna flashlight and said yes i can clame batterd wife syndrom in her head

  18. I think leslie had a crush on paul and the first impression she gave karla was terriable she was drinking from her wedding wine glasses and karla was really possessive of them and leslie had more then love in her eyes when she looked into pauls eyes and karla was very jealous and possessive over paul and paul did try to save leslies life by running arrons for leslie meaning he left the house to get stuff for leslie and she got mulated cause of karlas haterd fo leslie

  19. I actually live in St Catharines and one of my friends had Karla as his babysitter when he was a child. That is kind of creepy.

  20. Lucky he wasn’t a teenaged girl!

  21. Do you have further posts such as this 1 termed, Happy Birthday,
    Paul Bernardo | The REAL Story of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka?
    I just want to read through even far more about it.
    Thanks for your time.

  22. ?-let us ky enough to see you go in sane


  24. I am pretty sure crystal teale is Karla trolling because if I am not mistaken after Karla got out of jail she went by the first name and how else would “crystal” know how Leslie looked at paul and why would some groupie bring up those flutes. Omg she is sick! I pray that she does not have any girls she will probably hand deliver them to that rapist pig.

  25. I did 30 years in kingston pen and worked in the kitchen,bernardo had special diet so his name was on the food tray i made his meal every day for 17 years i used to beat off in his food i wonder how he liked my load swiming around in his gut lol

  26. “Happy Birthday” my ass…He’s just a low life no good for nothing piece of shit, along with his slut pig wife..They both should die…

  27. Happy Birthday Paul!?!?!?!? Are you serious? Why/How could someone/anyone wish this “person” a Happy Birthday. Even more disturbing, how could you seek to justify what this pathetic pos did, by bringing up some past incidents in his childhood. Many of us didn’t have perfect childhoods but that doesn’t justify raping/torturing/murder!!! Nothing justifies his actions. It’s scary to think that there are people whom are sympathetic to this disgusting excuse for a man!!! Even scarier to think he’ll be eligible for parole in 6 years!?!?!? I hope he and Karla Homolka are kept up awake at night and mentally tortured every second of every minute of every hour of every day, by the memories of the screams of their Victims. They both should’ve been lethally injected, at best!!! This POS should spend the rest of his life in a cage and the only ones I have sympathy for are his victims and their families!!! You have to be truly disturbed to wish this pos a happy birthday!!! We all know he deserves far worse than he got!!! His Father should be in a cage with him as should his accomplice Karla Homolka!!! All 3 of them and anyone that supports any of them or wishes him a happy birthday are disgusting, vile, pieces of garbage. I’m a very sympathetic and forgiving person! I believe in redemption and 2nd chances! But not for rapists/torture/murderers!!! Anyone capable of doing what Paul Bernardo did to a human being, that person should have their life revoked!!! God can forgive him if he chooses! We shouldn’t and I won’t!!!

  28. ummm….sarcasm…hellooooo……..

  29. John Felix Koziol

    ID (Investigation Discovery) has his story in an episode of “Wicked Couples,” a television show of theirs. It’s too bad that he could’n’t have been caught sooner. Just reading above how much it costs for his prison living and upkeep is ridiculous. scum of the earth like him should be brought to the woods and bound so he can’t escape and let the wild animals eat him or let him slowly starve to death while being tortured by the insects. This is when a vigilante of some sort has my permission and do what the court systems don’t meet out the deserved retribution. I’m all for the courts to deal with criminals as long as the punishment fits the crime. Unfortunately, far too often it doesn’t and that is what is sad and messed up in a really pathetic way with some of the world. This needs to be rectified and this needs to be rectified as quickly as possible!

  30. Yes it does have a lot to do on how people are brought up by there parents. If you let your kids eat junk food there going to eat junk food when there an adult. If you shoot and slaughter animals in front of your kids they or one of them are going to think it OK to be mean to any living thing. What parent don’t realize is that what you do right and wrong your kids are going to be doing the same things when they are older. What you do rubs off of them and is implanted in there minds. Look at all the technology today compared to what it was in the 80’s . Because of that half of this new generation is going to be lazy and fat …..so much for retirement. So yes a lot of how his childhood was has a lot to do on how he reacted towards another human being . I’m not saying it OK that he did it but really every doc that’s out there that’s aborted babies should be put in prison to JUST SAYING…. OH AND KAYLA SHOULDNT BE FREE SHE LET EVERYONE IF THOSE GIRLS GET TORTURED SO SHES JUST AS GUILTY.

  31. Can anybody (besides Crystal) show any love or compassion towatds Paul? Ok, I think by now he has figured out more than half of Canada or whatever state hates him. Ok, we get it. Give it up. But some people actually know how to feel love. I do have very strong feeling for Paul and, I plan on writing a letter to him sometime in the future. And I also think all those comments about how Karla shouldn’t have had children is just fucking messed up. Why shouldn’t she have children? Do you actually, really truly think she is going to let somebody rape her children. That was in the past guys, and we just need to find closure. Yes, what happened to the three girls is very sad. If Bernardo and Homolka had never done those things, they would still be alive today. But, everybody dies. I’m not trying to sound rude or, make what they did better. But honestly, they have their rights as human beings. They are human beings people, don’t act like they aren’t.

    • Love or compassion? Are you fucking kidding me??? The only thing that Paul did right was beat the living shit out of Karla with every inch of her life. They’re not human beings They’re monsters that shouldn’t be given any rights. If I was the cop who arrested Paul I would have beat him until he was a paraplegic and say he got hit by a bus. How can they let Paul live and let Karla go live happily ever after on a tropical island. Thats not justice. They should have both got the electric chair.

  32. Oh and, happy (late) birthday Paul❤

    • Idiot! Lol. Human beings do not treat people or do to people what those two animals did. I don’t believe in the death penalty. That’s too easy. He’s going to rot in jail. And the thought of that makes it a little better. As for Karla I’m not fooled. She was messed up even as a kid. These are animals. NOT humans!

      • Brooklyn Jamie

        Was including your opinion of me necessary and/or really appropriate? I don’t think so. I’m sorry but, how does disagreeing with you make me an idiot? And if being compassionate and having sympathy for others makes me an idiot, sign me up. And last time I checked, we are all animals, so shutup.

  33. they are both wrong and stupid he is ugly aand not cute she is gross and a digusting cow she looks like that thank you

    • Brooke Petito a.k.a Brooklyn Jamie

      @Bethany, that is an opinion. I find both of them very appealing. And, honestly, we’re not children, so could you act a little mature? Calling people ugly and stupid is elementary. Grow up and realize there is a whole world of people out there who don’t act and think just like you. And just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean you have to call them “names”. That’s just stupid.


  34. The only ones that will ever know the truth is them

  35. Happy birthday Paul! I wish you weren’t stuck in a jail cell, but hopefully you’ll get out soon with the day parole appeal.

    • Paul and Karla got off way too easy. Both of them should have gotten the death penalty. If I was the cop that arrested him I would have shot out his knee caps and say that he tried to go for my gun. Or I would just shoot him in the head and bury him in cement. As for Karla, the right punishment for her would be putting her in a men’s maximum security prison to be used as a blow up doll. Have her cell mates smash her face in and do a train on her without using any lubricant until her ass gets sore. Or beat her head in with mallet. Those poor girls whose lives they took just to make their sick sex fantasies come true. Karla and Paul should have both got the electric chair.

  36. I don’t know who you are, but your postings on these horrendous people are so accurate. I worked for ctv for the years covering this atrocity, and i remember our journalist Joy Malbon having to take many months off after her reporting. Keep telling the truth and thank you.

  37. I wrote a letter to psul in hopes he recieves it..hz been judged n wats done is done.i hold nothing against him.i want to know him n be his friend.and im glad he didnt marry that plain jane from ontario..he likes excitement n real conversation..someone to keep up..he deserves a chance to have a friend that knows all n judges not..i feel for him.

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